CrackStreams was a popular website for people to watch a wide array of on-demand sporting content before it got shut down permanently.

The site was shut down multiple times due to copyright infringement and illegal streaming before it permanently closed its doors a few years ago. Since then, viewers have been searching all over for a replacement. Many sites lead to dangerous parts of the Internet and others are simply not working.

There have been many proxy sites and mirrors that tried to replicate CrackStreams’ feature set, but most have failed to reach the standard that it set.

In this article, we will see how to get the best alternatives and what is offered by them.

The Best Alternatives to CrackStreams

1. FirstRow Sports

FirstRow Sports has been one of the top live sports streaming sites since CrackStreams shut down. It has been around for a long time and still running strong.

The best part about this website is that the number of ads on it is near zero. That means you can consume content without many interruptions. The user interface is very clean.

Sports such as soccer, basketball, football, and more are readily available to watch. The website also shows you information about upcoming games as well, so you stay informed and up to date.

2. SportSurge

This is a live-streaming website that offers a variety of sporting events such as NFL, UFC, hockey, and more. It is another website that has been around for a long time and is not riddled with a lot of ads.

SportSurge also has an Android app that makes viewing live sports easy on the go. Similar to others on this list, this website also shows you detailed information about the game, upcoming events, and statistics.

3. VIPLeague

This website is a haven for soccer lovers as it has an extensive variety of leagues to show. Soccer is not the only thing VIPLeague is good for as it has basketball, baseball, and many other sports.

The website shows in-depth stats about the current and upcoming matches. It even provides you with news related to the content.

The main highlight is that VIPLeague uses its independent servers to stream content, getting rid of issues like buffering and broken links.

4. Fotyval

A nicely designed website that is comparable to that of CrackStreams, Fotyval uses P2P torrenting technology to stream content. This reduces lag and buffering in the content.

This is a site with many servers, ensuring that you won’t have a broken link when trying to stream your favorite sport. The site does, however, need a decent internet connection to get the required stream quality.

5. WiZiWiG

WiZiWiG is a very good alternative to CrackStreams as it has almost all the sporting events you would want to see. It even allows you to view the match highlights and replays of a previous match.

This is a free website that has many servers for you to get the best content viewing experience. WiZiWiG also has a forum, so you can chat with like-minded individuals about your favorite sports. It also has detailed stats and info about current and upcoming games, and even shows news related to them.

6. Batman Stream

A worthy successor to CrackStreams, Batman Stream has a huge library of live sports for you to stream. It has servers across the globe, so you can get very good coverage of your favorite games.

There is a chat box and forum on the website, so you are always in touch with your fellow sports fans. The site also allows for the streaming of hockey, which was not available on CrackStreams.

The ads on this website are slightly intrusive, but not problematic.

7. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is not solely a sports streaming site. It has a variety of networks so you can watch your favorite shows and news, as well as your favorite sports.

The user interface is also very tidy and not hugely cluttered with ads.

8. SportLemon

It has a variety of sporting events and has many servers as well. In case of a broken link, the site automatically redirects you to a working link.

SportLemon can be installed on both Android and iOS, so that you can watch your favorite sports on the go. It also allows you to share the live links via social media apps.

9. LiveTV

This a website with a great user interface and is comparable to CrackStreams. It has an array of sporting categories such as NFL, NBA, soccer, and more.

LiveTV also has been up for a long time and has amassed millions of viewers monthly. It shows you up-to-date information and news about your favorite sports.

10. SportP2P

SportP2P, as the name suggests, uses P2P or peer-to-peer technology to show live streams of your favorite sports. Sports like football, soccer, motorsports, and more are offered by this website. It also provides a wide variety of languages to choose from.

If you wish to get the HD streaming link, you will have to register. However, viewing SD live streams is easy and does not require any signing up.

11. CricHD

CricHD is a cricket-oriented website, but also has other sporting events like football, basketball, soccer, and more. The site provides a live countdown to when the match starts.

It has many servers and links for you to choose from. The ads are somewhat intrusive, but closing them works to get a good experience overall.

12. VIPRow Sports

This is another CrackStreams alternative website that offers loads of live content. It doesn’t need you to register or sign up. You can click on the link you want to watch or search for your favorite sport.

The ads are a bit intrusive, to say the least.

13. FuboTV

We have now entered the premium viewing territory. FuboTV allows you to watch live sports while paying a minimum of $33 per month. It has a wide variety of channels.

You get access to various networks like ESPN, ABC, Fox, and more. FuboTV was made as an alternative to cable. You also get a DVR feature to record your favorite games.

14. NBC Sports

With NBC Sports, you can get real-time updates, highlights, and match info about your favorite games. If you have an NBC subscription, you will get NBC Sports for free.

You mainly get American sporting events like golf, WWE, and NFL but you can also get worldwide content.

15. YouTube TV

When you take a YouTube TV subscription, you get access to a variety of sporting and non-sporting channels. You can get a free one-month trial.

With the base plan, you get access to 85 channels and can get more channels as an a-la-carte. You also get 6 accounts to stream with. You will need to use your Google account to log in compared to the no-registration policy on CrackStreams.


Always be cautious when you use free live-streaming sites as some can lead you into trouble. If you have the option to pay a monthly fee, try to get a legitimate streaming plan.

These were some of the alternatives to CrackStreams that are still working and relatively ad-free.