HOPE – Charity Trust by a group of youngsters in Kerala

HOPE (Hold On Pain Ends) is a charity trust by a group of youngsters in Kerala now becoming a helping hand for others. HOPE was founded in 2014 by Mahesh, a software engineer in Technopark Thiruvananthapuram. In the beginning he started with the help of his wife and brother with small activities such as blood donation, small financial help etc. The used the facebook for the promotion and soon the small group became a comparatively bigger group with lots of volunteers.

Currently the foundation having various activities such as Blood Donation, Organ Donation, Financial help for Education, Medical Treatment, Marriage etc. Now seeing their activities many people came forward to support them and thus help others. They are getting donations from different places. Besides these helps HOPE is also helping blind people by making CD’s of the Books, by this blind children will get their study material in the form of Sound.

In the 1 year HOPE already spend almost Rs. 18 lakhs for their charity. HOPE will help people by giving them financial support and also they are helping people to get the help from Government also.

HOPE Contact Details

Email : thehopefoundationtvm@gmail.com

Address : Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Website : www.hopeanz.com/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/HOPEFOUNDATIONTVM

Photo Credit : HOPE Facebook Page

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  1. First of all heartfelt congrats to all the members of HOPE…. Vipin, I will be thankful if you let me know the contact no:…


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