81% of the businesses these days use videos as their marketing tool? Too good to be true, right? But it’s a fact. To add to this, a whopping 97% of marketers believe that videos have helped them increase user understanding of their services and products.

That’s enough data to prove that if you are still not using the power of video marketing, you are losing behind on engagement, conversions, and, most importantly, money! Clearly and strongly, video marketing is right there on the top in the list of the best forms of content used on social media platforms.

And Instagram is no exception here.

But coming up with good quality videos can be time-consuming and costly as well. But that’s the case only when you do not lag in the tools needed for the job. Here are the top 7 video creator and video editing tools that will up your marketing game on Instagram:

1. Animoto

This cloud-based video creator is aptly suited for the ones creating professional videos. Mind it; it cuts your video creation time to almost half. Attention, all the photographers out there! You can use Animoto to create videos from your pictures. Not to forget, marketers can even create slideshow videos for the entire family.


The best thing about this tool is it helps users start right from scratch and create videos all by themselves. The tool helps you add images, videos, and sound in varied file formats. In addition to this, you get access to a plethora of editing features along with a library of more than 2 000 songs.

What more do you need? Finished video content can easily be uploaded on different social networks, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

2. AdobeSpark

If you go through the features of AdobeSpark intricately, you will find that it is far more useful than all the other video making tools available out there. It helps mobile and web users in creating, customizing, and sharing visual content conveniently.


This cross-platform web application features professionally crafted templates. You can use them to create stunning graphics and videos; Not to forget the multiple images, fonts, and themes. The templates are 100% customizable, and there is even this feature of removing watermarks if you do not require it in your video content.

This user-friendly app makes way for easy collaboration and is one of the best tools for beginners in video making and editing.

3. Animaker

Animaker will allow you to create animated videos that will take your Instagram marketing endeavors to the next level. This tool is the perfect choice for marketers looking to create professional-quality animated content.

This is one of the best infographics makers in the market, enabling marketers to accentuate the quality and the effectiveness of their videos by incorporating background music, visual elements, and customized characters.


Now that is something that you need to boost your business marketing on different social media platforms and not just Instagram. The tool features in-app messenger, and multi-user collaboration features, making it one of the best video making tools ever available.

It comes with pre-designed templates and even options for creating vertical video content. Users have easy access to charts, maps, icons, and more. Customized font assistance is also available.

4. Hyperlapse

This is Instagram’s very own application for creating time-lapse visual content. It gives users the scope of speeding up their recordings up to 12x their original speed. It also enables them to go for real-time recordings.

Moreover, this application can be used for smoothing out shaky shots while enabling the users to post perfectly finished videos on their Instagram and Facebook accounts. This highly efficient, effective, and easy to use video making app is available only for iOS devices.

5. Magisto

No, there’s no magic the app has on offer, but with some practice in using the tool, it will help you have your hands on creating magical videos for your social networks. This app, available for iOS and Android, is also a web-based tool for personal computers.


The best thing about Magisto is it does not require the users to put in a lot of effort in creating entertaining video clips. Simply choose the pictures or the videos and a specific editing style and audio from its massive music library.

The app automatically improves and edits the raw videos and is aptly suited for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, and Twitter posting. Specifically advantageous for video content marketing, it comes included with analytics that offers insights into the performance of the already published content.

6. Jumprope

If you want to create the most engaging videos, then Jumprope is for you. This iOS application helps in creating highly informative and beautiful how-to videos. It works in a super-simple manner offering the most amazing results.

The videos created through this app are generally a selection of several steps wherein each step is one boomerang or video. Visuals thus created can easily be uploaded and even edited using the different filters this app has on offer.

You can easily trim your content and speed up some scenes to work in your favor. This is the ideal tool for marketers to highlight their products, add links, and detail everything about the items they would like to promote.

7. InVideo

Create stunning explainer videos, promotional videos, tutorials, and even training content with the easily customizable templates available with this app. InVideo features a plethora of template varieties for creating an educational, business, and personal videos.


It comes loaded with white-labeling options, text-to-speech attributes, color removal, and customized fonts and pastel colors while giving access to images, sounds, and footage free of cost.

Wrapping Up

Video- no matter whether it is a 60-second informative content or a short and simple boomerang, has got this huge demand at present, especially on Instagram. Using the tools above will help you create the right videos for your Instagram account without putting in a lot of time.

You get to create better content in a faster way!

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