If you are using a personal computer or laptop, the companies offering software or program gather data about you each day. While few of this is obvious, there is always a wise reason for the ads you see relevant to the search you do online. After all, a few of them are highly converting but some steal your data too.

Software from several companies like Microsoft, Google, and other big companies consists of several telemetry parts that can attack your privacy by collecting personal data. Instead of manually performing tasks through settings or tinkering with the registry, you can use the newly launched Ashampoo Antispy Pro to protect your data and privacy. It assists in preserving the entire data of your laptop or personal computer in one click. It restricts other software and programs to auto-install into your computer and tracking your day-to-day activities and data.

Ashampoo Antispy Pro features a one-click immunization feature that blocks several tracking forms, including telemetry created into Windows 10. If you are worried about anything incorrect or are concerned that something you require will cease working, telemetry blocking alters your system. Still, the good news is that all the things are backed up, and reformations are entirely and easily reversed.


For several peoples, one clicks immunization feature will be sufficient to protect privacy, but several other options are available to have advanced personal data control. You can use Ashampoo Antispy Pro several immunizers grouped to relate to the application or which need for Windows and use it individually. It is compatible with all Windows above Windows 7, and it performs best in blocking junkware apps already installed by hardware manufacturers.

While it might not be entirely possible to protect Microsoft and several other companies from collecting your data, Ashampoo Antispy Pro offers you the tools needed to put a limit at least and assist in enhancing your privacy. The program can be bought for $29.99 and is available for a free trial for 30 days. It offers ten days trial once you install the software, and post installing, if you add your email id, then the trial period can be extended by additional 20 days.

It is one of the best Antispy software available at highly affordable prices and provides 360-degree protection to your computer and data stored in it. Just install it and buy its license and get relaxed. Ashampoo Antispy will take care of the privacy and protection of your data.

Features of Ashampoo Antispy Pro

Ashampoo Antispy Pro comes with a plethora of features for the users. All are features can be accessed easily post buying the license. A few of the essential features include:

It can be used up to 10 PCs in the house

If you have an Ashampoo Antispy Pro license, you can use a single license up to PCs. You need but it one time and make your entire family benefit from a highly secured Windows system. You are willing to use the software for commercial purposes. Then you need to have a separate license for individual installation.

Stop several other software from snooping – Ashampoo Antispy Pro can do several different things, just then ending the Windows’ data collection. These additional functions offered are by the software are highly effective. It silences the software already installed in Windows by your manufacturer.

It also provides several other analytics software like Google Analytics or several different assistance programs already installed by the hardware manufacturers which are not part of your operating system. Even graphic cards and browsers accumulate users’ data without intervention. Ashampoo Antispy Pro ceased it from doing so.


Teaches your PC the importance of discretion

When Windows 10 runs with default settings, several services collect data related to program usage and personal user interests. This data offers comfort with several features like Cortana and Microsoft with several error reports and highly personalized ads. Several people think of it as a privacy threat and feel like being spied upon their PCs.

Excellent privacy in one click

Every one of you is always searching for a platform that can offer an easy way to data privacy and protection. Your all searches end with Ashampoo Antispy Pro software, which disables all types of data collectors in only one click.

It also offers the benefit of toggling features manually and blocking individual services as per the requirements. It assists you to be in complete control, enable the services which are uses by you actively, and block other services from sending you telemetry data.

Requirements for Ashampoo Antispy Pro

Here are few requirements for actively installing Ashampoo Antispy Pro software:

Operating system

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10


Any computer which supports the above operating system. Systems having ARM processors are not supported.

Other requirements

Users need to give complete administrative rights to use the software on their computers.

Internet connection is needed to activate the program, and verification of program license is done repeatedly at various time intervals.

Benefits of Ashampoo Antispy Pro

Ashampoo Antispy Pro comes with several advantages few of the crucial benefits include:

  • Maximum protection and project against unwanted reports of usage.
  • Users can do undo changes instantly.
  • Silences more than 100 services and programs.
  • One-click immunization against tracking
  • Auto launch with Windows for permanent privacy of data.
  • Disabling of telemetry of Windows 10 as much as possible.
  • Auto launches with the launch of Windows 10, thus offering permanent privacy of data.
  • It prevents the user from being tracked by the office, Bing, Google, several hardware manufacturers, etc.
  • Protects from unwanted user profiles.


If you are a Windows user and are fed up with your data and looking for the best Antispy software, then Ashampoo Antispy Pro software is the best one for you. It offers your PC complete protection from all types of programs that track your data and offers you complete privacy. Don’t waste your time; grab the excellent software to enable complete privacy to your personal data.

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