Of late, it is vital to take care of your privacy while surfing the internet at any time for sure. Any negligence will put you in deep trouble and sometimes you would end up seeing your bank balance zero within a few seconds. With so many options available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose genuine software for maintaining your privacy online. If you are looking for secure protection and privacy for your sensitive data, then it is the right time to download and install O&O Browser Privacy 14 on your computer without any second thought for sure. It helps in giving users the higher protection of privacy by deleting all the sensitive data while browsing the websites on the internet.

With the help of this tool, all traces of your browser data will be deleted securely and even permanently. Any history and data permanently stored on your browser can reveal a lot about your internet preferences and you surely do not want to disclose it. You should note that cookies can easily identify any users based on their activities. By pushing a button, this tool will remove all the data collected by the browser it supports. You can even set the security level at which your data will be destroyed. It provides full control over the sensitive data that O&O Browser privacy must delete permanently. You can clear all browser-related data from Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox within a few seconds.

You can remove all the data stored on your SSDs and even select which data you need to delete at which security level.

  • History of your browser
  • Cache
  • Form and password data
  • Bookmarks
  • Website and cookies data
  • Downloaded files

It also helps in saving your precious time and efforts for sure. It recognizes your installed browsers on your computer and decides which data from which browser needs to be deleted. As a user of this tool, you would have full control and you would be able to delete data permanently with just a single click: cookies, cache, form data, downloaded files, password, bookmarks, and website data. In case if you are getting any warning message at the end of the deletion process, you should remember that some files cannot be removed due to various reasons.


O&O Browser Privacy 14 is a great and trustworthy tool for giving your total protection you are looking for. It is not available for free and you need to pay $19.95 per computer for using it. The price is not much expensive and users would be able to afford it without any hassle for sure. It is mainly licensed per computer but if you are planning to use on an unlimited number of computers, then you should go for the Admin Edition only. This straightforward tool would let you delete data from several browsers at once, as long as they are fully supported for sure.

Get it now and get privacy while browsing the internet!

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