Quick Review of IObit Screen Recorder

Iobit is an Online Screen Recorder that is simple, free, and easy to use for screen recording, including a video editor. It offers flexibility to the user, like capturing a full screen, a selected region to record top-quality videos or capturing a specific window, recording audio using speakers and microphones, etc. Thus, it is beneficial for recording webinars, video recordings, lectures, presentations, video conferencing, etc.

On the other hand, one can easily add mouse clicks’ effects by displaying the cursor and including animations to the click action. Also, one can easily take screenshots while recording. On the other hand, there is no capping for a record time, and neither is a watermark placed on the videos. Therefore, one can easily record videos without any time limit.

When we talk about saving, one can choose from an extensive range of video formats like FLV, MP4, GIF, AVI, MKV, TS, and MOV.

The IObit online screen recorder consists of a simple or basic video editor to cut, trim, and split the captured video. Though it is a light screen recorder, it also holds GPU hardware acceleration technology to make video editing more stable and efficient. Lastly, it allows you to share online platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.

Main Features of IObit Screen Recorder

Some of the main features of the IObit screen recorder are as follows.

Record the screen with Audio

One can experience the ease of recording the screen along with the audio compatibility. Every tone of your speaker, insider background, and tiny microphone on your headset are wholly recorded. It records everything from an image to Audio.

Flexible Screen Capture

Select the area of the screen to begin recording. Selection could be from the entire display to a small dialog box. Additionally, it also supports multiple shows at a time. This lets your capture every minute detail quickly.

Multiple outputs/Convert Formats

It tries to cover the demands of multiple groups. Almost more than 12 output formats are supported to be stored and can convert to other formats. It is even compatible with other mainstream devices, from your iPhone to your old MP4 player.

Take screenshots while recording

Both static and dynamic are parallel as well as equal. We often break through the technical barriers between Audio and video screen capturing and recording simultaneously.

No lagging while HD Recording

Optimizing every time. The IObit online screen recorder grabs an average of 8% CPU utilization. This lets you undergo smooth Recording.

Edit after Recording

A perfect screen recorder has much more to do rather than just a regular recording. The IObit Online screen recorder offers you some essential editing functions, which has almost no barrier. Even a single frame comes under an individual’s control, irrespective of audio or video clip.

IObit serves beyond Recording

Apart from the option of screen recording, IObit also offers some video editing options too.

Video editing

Other than the purpose of Recording, it also offers tools to edit the videos which are recorded. It is capable of practical and essential functions, which are easy to use. Perfect your Online screen recorder and edit it later.

Video Saving

The software allows the flexibility to record video at the highest 4K resolution and the 0 lag technique. Legally initially, save your video in your chosen private space.

Video transferring

This serves as the single-stop solution for incompatibility. It supports 17 mainstream formats which help in transferring unlimitedly and manually. Additionally, videos of any format and source are supported and can be easily played on the device.

How to record your screen with IObit Screen Recorder

1. Setting up preference

Record full screen or the selected area. Additionally, you can adjust other settings as per your requirements.

2. Record your screen

One can play recorder whatever is running on their screen. Indeed, this happens without lagging on the frame.

3. Save and edit

Output the video to a particular format and edit your video with ease.


1. Is IObit Screen records safe?

The IObit Screen Recorder is an online screen recorder available for Windows, powered by IObit. IObit prioritizes two essential aspects, i.e., data and information security. They also implemented reasonable organizational and technical measures to ensure no backing issues or malware issues occur.

2. Can I record my Screen and Webcam at the same time?

The Webcam and Screen can be used for presentations, instructional purposes, as well as tutorials. However, IObit does not consist of such a feature. Though, the user will have the flexibility to record it separately. The company targets fulfilling the customer’s need, and the whole team is working on releasing this additional feature in the software.

3. Is IObit screen recorder free?

The IObit screen recorder is free with the inbuilt audio feature. One can get access to the fully-featured recording software with no limits. On the other hand, it serves as an easy platform for creating a mesmerizing video and quick editing after records.

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