Watching your favorite videos on YouTube is fun, but not all the videos are made in a Portrait mode. Some are landscaped, while others have a different angle that does not align with the screens. A simple thing as rotating the video will solve this issue. However, to rotate YouTube videos, you need to follow some simple but specific steps. This article will take you through the process of rotating YouTube videos on different devices.

How to Rotate YouTube Video Online

It’s easy to rotate YouTube videos online with Clideo, an online tool available for free. Besides rotating, Clideo can also help you merge, compress, add subtitles, resizing, crop, make slideshows, etc. Using Clideo is simple. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open, go to Tools, and Select All Tools.


Step 2: On the tools page, scroll down to find Rotate Video. Click on it, and the Clideo video rotate page will open.


Step 3: On the Rotate Video page, hover over the mouse cursor drop-down menu. To rotate YouTube video online, paste the video link in “Paste a URL.”


Step 4: Wait until it fetches the video and starts playing the same on the Clideo player. Then, use the two buttons on the right side to rotate YouTube videos 90 degrees at one time.


Step 5: After setting the required video angle, select the format and click on Export to download the video on your device.


Using Clideo has its pros and cons. It’s a good tool to rotate YouTube videos online and requires only a few steps. But using Clideo can be a bit frustrating because it takes time to fetch videos and then exports them with the required settings.

How to Rotate Youtube Video While Watching

While watching a YouTube video on your PC, you will need an extension (discussed in the next section). However, if you are watching the video on your phone, rotating the video is much easier.

Every Android and iOS device has an inbuilt option to rotate the video orientation from Portrait to Landscape.

Both the devices have an Auto-Rotate option that you can toggle on and off before watching a video. If it’s on, you can rotate YouTube video just by changing your phone’s position and holding it in landscape mode.

If the Auto-Rotate option is turned off, follow these steps to turn it on in Android and iOS.

Toggle Auto-Rotate on Android Devices

Step 1: On the home screen, bring down the Control Center and look for the “Auto-Rotate” Symbol. Click on the auto-rotate icon to turn it on. Then, switch back to the video, rotate your phone, and the video will move automatically.


Toggle Auto-Rotate on iOS devices

Step 1: The process of toggling the phone orientation to rotate the YouTube video is the same on Android and iOS. But with iOS, you have two options to open the control center.


Either you can drag your finger/thumb from the bottom of the phone, or you can click on Assistive Touch and then select Control Center.


How to Rotate YouTube Video on Chrome Extension

Wondering how do I rotate YouTube video while watching them on the platform? You can do this by downloading an extension to your browser. We will list down the process for Chrome and Firefox.

Step 1: Start by opening your web browser (Chrome/Firefox). Go to Extensions and Install “Rotate that Video Player.”


Step 2: Once the extension is installed, look for an “R” symbol in the extension pane. Click on it to open up the rotating options.


Step 3: This extension can rotate the video in three different angles with an increment of 90°. Click on -90° or +90° to adjust the video while watching.


Step 4: Besides the fixed 90° increments, an adjustable angle bar on the top can customize the degree of adjustment in the video angle. For instance, you can adjust the angle to any degree between 0° to 360° with an increment of 15°.

Step 5: The video will adjust according to your command, and you will be able to rotate YouTube video angle on the command bar of the extension.


Using this extension makes for an easy way to rotate YouTube video, but if you notice, the rotated video goes this is because we of the frame. We use a 22” widescreen while watching videos and rotating; it still goes out of the frame (see image above).

Best Way to Rotate YouTube Video on Windows/Mac – iMyFone Filme

iMyFone Filme is an interactive and convenient video editing solution integrated with basic and advanced customization features. With Filme, you can not only rotate YouTube videos but do much more and create an amazing outcome. Due to its ability and expansive features, iMyFone Filme is becoming the go-to video editing software for professional YouTubers. Let’s see the answer to how to rotate YouTube videos on PC with Filme.

From the Dialog Box

Step 1: Open Filme and upload the video you want to rotate.


Step 2: After uploading, you will find the video timeline below. Move the cursor there and right-click to select “Edit,” which will open a dialog box.


Step 3: Here, navigate to Rotate and select the degree of rotation required. Filme gives you the option to change the video orientation by increments of 1°.


Step 4: Click on “Ok” to save the video orientation.

From the Rotator

Another method to rotate YouTube videos or any other video with Filme is given below.

Step 1: Open Filme and upload the video you want to edit.


Step 2: Go to the video timeline and click on “Edit.”


Step 3: Resize the video frame from one of the corners until you see a small white circle at the top center of the video frame.


Step 4: While holding the mouse, click on this white circle, drag it in a circular motion until you have found the perfect angle to watch the video. Click on “Ok,” and you are good to go.


We have seen four methods to rotate YouTube video above. However, while making a video, the person might not realize it, but they have used the wrong angle to shoot the scene. This causes issues for the viewers watching it on YouTube, making us look for answers to how I rotate YouTube videos. Well, now you have the answer given above in four different ways. You must know that using Filme is the ideal solution as it provides the highest level of flexibility and usability to edit YouTube videos.