How Equipment and Rental Management Software is Making the Industry More Effective

It cannot be argued that technology plays a huge role in many of today’s industries, in fact in many cases it is the driving force behind an industry’s growth. Even for those industries that may not seem particularly high-tech on the surface, as you look a little closer it becomes more and more evident just how much the industry, and the individual companies, rely on technology to help realise their goals and milestones.

Equipment and rental management software is a very targeted type of software that is obviously meant for a segmented industry. This is a great example of an industry that doesn’t seem high-tech at first glance; on the surface it is just an equipment rental service, but as you look a little closer, it becomes clear that this type of software can change the landscape of the business.

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What is Equipment and Rental Management Software?

Pretty much every business out there today, regardless of the industry, uses software of some sort in order to keep things organized, streamlined, and running efficiently. Equipment and rental hire management software, such as the solution through Baseplan, is just a more targeted approach to the software solution. Rather than providing the company with a set of basic software tools, there are very specific features that can be used to help an equipment rental service be successful. Instead of a one-size fits all solution to software, it’s like investing in customised software that fits all your company’s needs.

With Baseplan’s offering, you’ll have access to such things as CRM software, ERP software and keeping track of service and parts, and everything is done in real-time to ensure data is accurate and up-to-date at all times. This type of software can be used remotely too, so those in the field have access to the same real-time data.

Everything Remains in One Central Location

One of the biggest pros in using this type of software is the fact that everything can be found in one central location. There is no need to switch between multiple programs as you organise services on your equipment, the rentals you have available, the sales, etc. It’s all in one spot, offering a streamlined approach that these styles of businesses can truly benefit from.

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Working Remotely is Simple

Another huge pro is the fact that your sales team can now work remotely, yet stay connected to the office and the files at all time. This software can be installed on mobile devices such as a tablet so you can be out there on the job, talking with clients, and making sales all while recording it in the system in real-time. This is the exact definition of streamlined operations.

Provide a Better Customer Experience

And it’s not just the company itself that benefits from the software – it will also help to provide a better customer experience. When your business is able to function at its absolute best each and every day, your customers also win. Their transactions will be smooth, fast, and straightforward, and the amount of problems and potential issues fade away.

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A High-Tech Solution for a Busy Industry

The equipment rental industry is one that is extremely busy and moves along quite quickly, which means it’s imperative that rental companies take advantage of high-tech tools such as rental management software in order to stay productive and competitive.

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