We can all collectively agree that the computer is one of the greatest inventions ever made. What started as an elevated design to help mathematical calculations has become an essential part of our everyday life. Its importance can be understood by its vast applications and the amount of time we spend using computers and related devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.

Today we use computers and other electronic devices in every aspect of our lives, starting from work to study, entertainment, and communication. It would be accurate to say that we can’t operate efficiently without a computer and other digital devices. However, there are times when your beloved computer or laptop frustrates you beyond reason with its slow operations.

Generally, this happens when a program doesn’t respond to your command immediately or freezes your screen, forcing you to wait for long periods. While several reasons and factors can prompt this response, it’s no less frustrating to wait for a non-responding window or program to unfreeze. But you can say goodbye to this waiting period, thanks to Force Toolkit.

This article will share everything you need to know about Force Toolkit, effective utility software for your Windows operating computers and devices. You can use this tool to now close non-responsive windows and programs, enable disabled buttons, and much more. Let’s start by understanding what Force Toolkit is, followed by earning its top features.

What is Force Toolkit?

Force Toolkit is a simple utility tool designed by AutoClose and allows computer users to command their computer effectively and save time. The software offers twelve different functions that include an option to enable, disable, hide, close, or edit any tab, program, or window on their computer. Force Toolkit is simple to download and use and is compatible with all devices running on a Windows-based operating system.

Now that you have earned a basic idea about this tool, it’s time to learn the things this tool can do. Here are the top features of Force Toolkit that make it a must-have for any computer:

Features of Force Toolkit

Following are the few features of Force Toolkit.

This software will allow you to close any program forcefully

The prime feature of Force Toolkit is its ability to close any non-responding window immediately. Instead of waiting several minutes, you can shut down any program using this efficient tool. You can use this function for a window on your device or a device or a selected tab.

Force Toolkit enables you to activate the disabled button

Another notable feature of this tool is its ability to activate disabled options or buttons. When you are on a tab where your desired action command is set disabled, Force Toolkit will help you unlock it. The force to enable will help you activate any grayed-out buttons.

It allows you to hide and run an application in the background

Force Toolkit also allows you to hide any unwanted program from your taskbar. This option is perfect for programs that don’t require your attention and can run without constant monitoring. The force to hide option will place any program running on our computer.

Using this tool, you can hide an object from a running program

In addition to hiding the complete program, Force Toolkit also helps you hide an object or child window from a running window on your device. Instead of hiding the entire program, you can now pick and choose what parts of it will continue in the background.

Force Toolkit permits you to end any process or program

In addition to closing any window not responding, you can also close programs running on your computer with Force Toolkit. It will help you get rid of unresponsive programs and enable you to stop any unwanted processes using the force to kill the process option.

With the Force toolkit, you can change the title of a Window

Force Toolkit also gives you the power to change the window names on your computer. The force to change the window title option on the UI of this tool will enable you to rename the windows running on your computer to the names of your desire.

This tool allows you to select any object from an application

It is the perfect tool to help you select any object from an ongoing application on your screen. Using a simple drag and select action, you can pick any window running on your computer. You can follow your desired commands available on the Force Toolkit’s UI.

Force Toolkit enables you to set a Window to always stay on top

When working with multiple windows, you might need a specific window to always stay on top. Using Force Toolkit will help you achieve this feat effortlessly. After selecting your desired window, pick the force to set always on top from their available actions.

Changing the size and position of a program is also possible

Force Toolkit also helps you change the appearance of a program by altering its size and position on your computer screen. It will work for any program and help you modify the window size to suit your requirement. You can also play around with the window position.

System Requirements and Pricing

As mentioned earlier, the Force Toolkit software is compatible with any Windows device. It means that users with a MAC computer can’t use this tool. To install Force Toolkit on your computer, it should be running on any of the following OS:

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

Along with the above versions, Force Toolkit is also accessible for devices with Window Servers, both the 32 and 64 bits. In addition, the tool is available at no cost with a size of 1.3 MB or 0.98 MB for the ZIP format.


We hope that reading this article introduces you to an essential tool that will make your computer usage more pleasant and help you save time. Using Force Toolkit will allow you to close frozen and non-responding programs but enable you to command tabs and programs with your desired actions, even if some options are grayed or disabled.

This effective freeware is compatible with all Windows devices starting from the latest Windows 11 to Windows XP. However, some features may vary depending on your Windows OS version. So, install Force Toolkit and take control of your device, forcing it to work on your demands and not the other way around.

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