A famous ancient quote regarded music as therapy for the mind and the soul. And the statement holds absolute validity. Every living being on the planet, from humans to animals and plants, is attracted to the magical powers of music. Moreover, countless studies have shown how music can positively influence our physical and mental health.

We can’t deny the importance of music in our lives. We all listen to it at some point for varied purposes. Whether you want to get motivated before going to school or work or unwind after a stressful day, music always has your back. However, you might be surprised to know that creating music is not relaxing, no thanks to the complicated music editing software.

Meet Ashampoo Music Studio 9, the all-in-one solution for your music and audio editing needs. In this article, we share the full features of this audio-editing software. After reading this article, you will know everything, such as the pricing, system requirements, and more about this editing tool. It will enable you to make an educated decision regarding whether you should get this software or not.

What is Ashampoo Music Studio 9?

Ashampoo Music Studio 9 is multi-featured music editing software that will cater to all your needs, enabling you to generate high-quality music and audio. It has eight different modules to help you generate impressive music or audio files quickly. In addition, you will find features to mix, edit, record, and organize your files. This music-editing software also offers you the option to create cover art for your album or CD.

Using this tool, you become enabled to extract audio from videos, rip or burn your audio files and even create mixtapes. The variety of editing tools included with Ashampoo Music Studio 9 make it the ideal solution for anyone looking to generate some popping beats for all your needs.

Now that you have understood what this software does, it’s time to go through the different programs or modules offered with Ashampoo Music Studio 9. Here are each of the modules, explained briefly:

Eight Editing Modules Included with Ashampoo Music Studio 9

  1. Edit Cover: Along with music editing and mixing tools and features, Studio 9 also allows you to create the cover art for your album. It saves you the trouble of working with third-party photo editing software and saves your time.
  2. Organize: The following module of the Ashampoo Music Studio 9 will keep your audio files organized. Create collections or playlists for all your files and stay efficient in your job. The various themes offered will give your screen a pleasant view.
  3. Video to Music: Now, you can extract music from any video and turn them into songs, ringtones, or other audio files based on your preference. Just select the starting and ending points, and Ashampoo Music Studio 9 will do the rest for you.
  4. Playlist Generator: In addition to audio editing, conversion, and more, the software allows you to create a playlist with songs of your choice. Pick your audio files, select the desired formats, and you are ready to create your perfect party playlist.
  5. Rip & Burn: Similar to the video to music module, this software has a program to allow you to rip music from one disk to another. Now read, copy, paste, and send any file from anywhere. Again, the convert option will allow you to save files in your preferred formats.
  6. Modify: Ashampoo Music Studio 9 offers both primary and advanced level features. You can divide your files into parts, trim the audio, and normalize the audio using the music editor. Switch between various audio formats effortlessly.
  7. Record: Along with all the music and audio-editing features, this software is perfect for anyone looking to record their music from scratch. You can capture the audio directly during a live session or through the microphone of any Windows device.
  8. Mix Tape: The last module of the Ashampoo Music Studio 9 enables you to create mixtapes for your music. Whether you are a professional music producer or a music enthusiast, this option to create your mixtapes will not fail to impress you.

Top Ten Features of Ashampoo Music Studio 9

After going through the various modules of this multi-tasking music editing software, it is time to go through its top features. Here are the top attributes of Ashampoo Music Studio 9 that make it superior to the other online audio-editing tools.

1. Edit all your audio files to deliver impressive results

With Ashampoo Music Studio 9, nothing can stop you from creating excellent songs and audio files. Whether you want to trim a few sections from the audio or mix multiple tunes, this is the perfect software that does all that and more.

2. Split your file into multiple parts for speedy editing

When editing any audio file, divide it into several sections for efficient handling. This intelligent editor will automatically break the song into various parts with its pause detection feature. Working in batches will minimize your time and store your progress.

3. Stay organized by creating your playlists and mixtapes

Using the new Ashampoo Music Studio 9, disorganization is a thing of the past. It is super easy to create playlists, mixtapes, and other music collections based on parameters of your choice. Design your dream playlist in your preferred sequence to set the mood.

4. Extract audio from a video and edit it to your preference

This audio editing tool enables you to capture the audio clipping from any movie, TV show, or music performance. In just a few simple steps, you can extract your desired audio, convert it to any format and use it to your will. Pick the start and end credits and watch the magic.

5. Quick and efficient editing options with keyboard shortcuts

In addition to the various audio editing features, Ashampoo Music Studio 9 enables you to work faster with its new and efficient shortcuts. Speed up your editing process and create high-quality audio by ditching the mouse and using the handy keyboard shortcuts.

6. Convert the formats for your files into any audio formats

Another reason to start using this editing tool for all your audio files is its ability to switch between varied formats efficiently. You can choose from all the available audio formats and create music that you can enjoy on any device without compromising on quality.

7. Use Studio 9 in more than 25 international languages

When you switch to Ashampoo Music Studio 9 for editing your music and other audio files, you will have no trouble using the software. In addition to the simple user interface, this tool is available in 28 global languages such as French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and more.

8. Save time with disc ripping for high-quality results

The disc ripping feature included in this software makes it easy for you to copy and save the audio of any CD. The automatically enabled tools will rip and convert the songs into your desired music format and store them with proper titles and covers, saving your time.

9. Design a highly personalized cover for your album

Using Ashampoo Music Studio 9, you don’t have to use an image editor tool to design the cover art for your music. The in-built cover designer will help you create a highly customized album cover using your favorite graphics, fonts, and colors in no time.

10. Automatically normalize the audio for a standard volume

Another notable feature of this music editing tool is the ability to even out or normalize the volume of your audio file. Once you have edited the various parts or sections of your audio, line them in the appropriate order and let Studio 9 normalize the volume for you.

Pricing and System Requirements for Ashampoo Music Studio 9

We are sure that going through the features of Ashampoo Music Studio 9, you agree that it’s the perfect tool for all your music editing needs. Now’s the time to understand its pricing and system requirements:

Pricing of Ashampoo Music Studio 9

On the official website of Ashampoo, the music-editing software is available at a reasonable price of £34.99 for lifetime usage of the tool. However, you can get this comprehensive tool at a discounted value of £26.24. You can also use the software without any cost for a limited period before making a final decision.

System Requirements of Ashampoo Music Studio 9

The Ashampoo Music Studio 9 is compatible with any Windows device that supports the Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating system. Any devices with an ARM processor are not compatible to run this software. You will also require an active internet connection to verify the license.


We hope this article shares everything you need to know about Ashampoo Music Studio 9. This detailed review discussed every feature of this innovative and revolutionary music editing software. This tool has eight unique modules catering to all your music and audio editing needs. In addition, the software is available in over 27 international languages, along with English.

The Ashampoo Music Studio 9 supports both Windows 10 and the latest Windows 11, making them an ideal option for any Windows user. Use this feature-loaded music editing software to cut, edit, convert and organize your audio files. Now create professional-looking covers for your CDs or albums and impress your clients with Ashampoo Music Studio 9.

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