Today, we can see that a large number of people are keeping their Instagram profiles as private Instagram accounts. People are keeping their Instagram private, even though it is a social media account available in the public space. There are multiple reasons for keeping one Instagram profile private, and they have benefits.

What is an Instagram Private Account?

Instagram Private Account is the same as the regular Instagram account. However, suppose a user sets the visibility of the Instagram account to private. In that case, only those in the friend’s circle can see the posts, including Instagram images, videos, etc. So, if someone puts the account on a private profile, anyone other than their friends can see the Instagram account activity.

Instagram Private Account

Why do Instagram Users Keep their accounts private?

It is a matter of privacy. Some people don’t like to show all the pictures, videos, and other online activities to unknown people. As Instagram is a publicly available social media service, anyone with an internet connection can see other Instagram activity if the account is public. Here, the private Instagram account plays its role. You should become fried if you wish to see your personal Instagram account posts.

So, an unknown person cannot see the private Instagram posts easily; it adds some privacy and security to the Instagram account holder. If a user decides to keep their Instagram account from the public eye, they can set the Instagram account in private mode.

Benefits of Keeping Instagram Account Private

The benefits of using the Private Instagram Mode on the Account are the same as mentioned above. However, to understand it better, we are listing them below.

  • The Private Instagram Account offers Instagram user privacy.
  • The unknown person won’t be able to see the Instagram profile posts, including Instagram Photos and Instagram Videos.
  • Private Instagram Account users can restrict the view of Instagram account posts to selected and known users only.
  • If the Instagram account is private, the spamming and other comments can be reduced.
  • A Private Instagram account lets users provide peace of mind by posting personal photos with friends.


Even though the private Instagram account provides Instagram users with privacy, we can’t say it is actual privacy. The personal account status can limit the number of users accessing your account. However, the photos and videos published on Instagram is still accessible to those on your friend’s list.