This article lists legitimate and working ways to view a private Instagram account, along with various third-party apps and websites that allow viewing private Instagram profiles without human verification or surveys. However, it’s important to note that using third-party apps to access private Instagram accounts without permission is against Instagram’s terms of service.

If you are looking for a private Instagram viewer without human verification, here is our list of services available for Instagram users looking to view private Instagram profiles for free without any verifications. The list has been updated every month with all the available Instagram viewers.

View Private Instagram Without Human Verification

The main question is, “How do you view Instagram private account photos?”. A third-party Instagram account viewer is one option available. Millions of people worldwide prefer using third-party services to view private Instagram accounts due to the benefits and features of these services. It is easy to use, and you do not have to be tech-savvy due to its tremendous and straightforward interface.

However, viewing the Private Instagram Profile using tools or any mobile app is not recommended since the mobile Instagram viewer works in another way. So here we are describing the legitimate way to see a private Instagram account. It is a simple trick, and there won’t be any issue following the method to see any private Instagram account you like.

Private Instagram Account Viewer Without Verification

In this article, we list 15 private Instagram profile viewer apps and Instagram Story viewer apps that you can try. Please note that the most recommended way to access private Instagram profiles is using the official app, which is the genuine and legitimate way to view private profiles on Instagram.

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1. Glassagram

Glassagram is an Instagram monitoring tool that allows users to view stories, posts, and other content anonymously, even from private accounts. It provides comprehensive tracking features, including real-time story viewing, follower and following tracking, comment reading, tagged photo access, and account activity analysis with reports

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  1. View stories secretly: You can watch someone’s Instagram stories without them knowing.
  2. See private accounts: Glassagram can show you posts and stories from private accounts, but it might take more time.
  3. Watch stories anytime: You can view stories in real-time and even see stories that are up to 3 months old.
  4. Keep an eye on everything: The tool lets you track posts, stories, likes, reels, followers, people they follow, tagged locations, popular likes, and comments.
  5. Watch stories as much as you want: You can view stories from other accounts as many times as you like, even if they’ve been deleted.
  6. Track followers and following: Glassagram shows you who follows the account and who the account follows.
  7. See new posts and popular likes: The tool shows you the latest photos and videos posted and tells you who likes the account’s posts the most.
  8. Read comments: You can see the comments someone leaves on other people’s posts.
  9. View tagged photos: Glassagram lets you see photos and videos where the account has been tagged.
  10. Analyze and get reports: The tool can analyze an account’s activity and give you reports to help you understand how they use Instagram.

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2. InstaHack By xMobi

InstaHack by xMobi helps you see what’s happening on someone’s Instagram account, like their messages and where they are, in a way that’s easy to use and understand. It’s for people who want to keep an eye on an Instagram account, and it does it quickly and safely.

  1. Direct Message Spy: Read all direct messages sent and received on the target Instagram account. This allows monitoring private conversations.
  2. Live Updates: Get real-time updates about the target account’s activities, providing immediate visibility into their actions on Instagram.
  3. Location Tracker: Track the physical location of the target device in real-time, allowing you to know their whereabouts.
  4. Keylogger: Capture all keystrokes made on the target device, potentially revealing sensitive information like passwords.
  5. View Private Publications: Access photos and videos the target has marked as private on their Instagram account.
  6. Message Tracker: See a log of all messages sent and received by the target account on Instagram for a comprehensive communication history.
  7. Invisibility Mode: Monitor the target Instagram account without them knowing, allowing covert surveillance.
  8. Password Changes: Ability to change the target account’s password, giving you control over their access.
  9. Geo-Fencing: Set geographic boundaries and receive alerts if the target device crosses them, providing location-based monitoring.
  10. Instagram Call Log: View a record of all voice and video calls made through Instagram on the target account.

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3. eyeZy

eyeZy is another great Instagram spy viewer app that is available now. The app is new to the market and works well for Instagram Monitoring and tracking. The app’s main purpose is to track the Instagram activity of other users. Parents can use it to keep an eye on the Instagram activity of their kids.

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4. InstaFreeView

InstaFreeView is a great free Instagram profile viewer app that offers a free profile viewing option. This tool offers free profile viewing without any survey and verifications. InstaFreeView is a free tool; you can see any Instagram posts without registrations. This tool also works in such a way that it offers complete anonymity. InstFreeView is a Non-Private Profile Viewer app that provides options to see any public profile posts.

Another great thing about InstFreeView is that you can see Instagram Videos, Stories, and Reels of an Instagram User along with Instagram Photos. In addition, the app offers a direct Instagram Post download option where the photos or videos can be downloaded without any captcha verifications.

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5. mSpy

mSpy is an app that lets you secretly check someone’s Instagram activity, including their private messages, photos, and location. It works in the background, so the person using Instagram won’t know that you are tracking them.

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  1. Read private chats: mSpy lets you see the person’s Instagram messages and chats, even if they are private, without them knowing.
  2. Check what they do: You can see how much time they spend on Instagram and what they do on the app.
  3. Look at their photos and videos: mSpy allows you to view the pictures, videos, and other files they share on Instagram.
  4. Know where they are: Using GPS, you can see where the person is in real-time and where they have been.
  5. Hide the app: mSpy works secretly in the background, so the person using Instagram won’t know that you are tracking them.

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6. Overwatch

Overwatch is another excellent Instagram tracking app that helps monitor other Instagram user’s activity. The app offers paid service to track all Instagram activities, including the Instagram feed, direct messages, etc. Parents can use Owerwatch to monitor the Instagram online activities of their kids by viewing Instagram posts from their feeds.

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7. Picuki

Picuki is another anonymous Instagram profile viewer app. This app offers a free Instagram profile viewing option with all the latest posts, stories, videos, etc. The app also offers a list of trending profiles you can easily access from the trending Instagram profile tab. The tool is used to view non-private Instagram profile posts only. Searching for a private Instagram profile will show a notification saying, “Profile is private”.

8. Watch Insta – Private Instagram Profile Viewer

Watch Insta is a simple tool for viewing Private Instagram Accounts freely. It doesn’t require a download. Go to the website and click ‘Access private profile viewer.’ Then, follow the steps. One thing to remember is that you need to enter valid profile details to get things done.

9. Cocospy

Cocospy is another Instagram account viewer and spying app that is available to track another Instagram user’s Instagram activity. The app is simple and provides the user with an intuitive dashboard to easily see all the activity of the target Instagram users. Furthermore, Cocospy offers users an option to see the dashboard demo before getting on board to get an idea about the Instagram Viewer app.

10. ImageRocket

ImageRocket is yet another Instagram downloader or a private profile viewer. It is a simple tool that allows you to enter the username, and it will instantly display the profile picture and a few pictures without verification. You can view However the remaining photos or videos only after verification.

We noticed that the tool is not (100%) correct. For example, if you enter a public profile name, the system will still show it as private and ask you to do human verification to see the images. However, seeing those profile images directly by accessing the Instagram profile is pointless.

11. GreatFon

GreatFon is our first pick here. This tool can anonymously view any Instagram account by providing the username. There are no complications involved, like in the private account viewer apps. Enter the username on the main page and click on the Search icon. All the details regarding that username will be listed within a few seconds, and you will see it as you see it on the Instagram app. Again, no survey or human verification is involved here.

12. Dumpor

Dumpor is another excellent tool, the same as GreatFon. Here, you can also enter the username and hit the search button. All the profile information, including all the image videos owned by that user, will be listed instantly without human verifications. You don’t have to go through any complex survey completion process.

GreatFon and Dumpor are free and offer the option to view any Instagram account details anonymously. So, you don’t have to log in to your Instagram account to view any profile. Alternatively, these tools offer the most trending profiles listed on the homepage. So, if you are looking for any trending profile, it helps you see the details without a search.

13. StoriesTalker – Anonymous Insta Stalker

StoriesTalker is also another free tool to view Instagram stories and profile posts. It also does the same job as the other. But we noticed that, while listing the Latest Posts and Stories, the app also lists some advertisement content that looks like some locked private profile data and locked comment data. It tends users to sign up to view them, but mostly, they look like advertisement material. However, you can view the profile details without any registrations.

14. Toolzu

Toolzu is another pretty decent and neat Instagram Stalker web app. This app doesn’t need a download and install process like the previous one. Open the web app, enter the desired Instagram profile name with @, and hit the search button. The app will instantly list all the latest Instagram account profile feeds. You can download Instagram photos and videos with a single click.

15. Webstagram

Webstagram is the fiftieth addition to our list. Since we are adding new and working Instagram viewer apps each time, Webstagram is the latest addition. It is a free Instagram statistics app without any human surveys. Unlike the other Instagram viewer apps, Webstsgram offers quick analytics of the Instagram profile. It shows all the activity of the Instagram profile in a neat and pleasing format with a graphical representation. Using the tool, you can analyze the user engagements, views, and other data of any Instagram profile.

How to See Private Instagram Account Photos and Videos

The following section will explain legal and legitimate ways to see private Instagram account photos and videos. You can try the steps individually to see how it works for you. On the other hand, other third-party Instagram viewer apps and services offer the option to view Instagram photos and videos outside the Instagram app and platform.

Safe and Legitimate Ways to See Private Instagram Accounts and Posts

The only recommended way to view any private account is legitimate and safe. No trick is involved here, but you must follow the steps below. The reason is that some third-party tools are available to view some popular Instagram profile posts anonymously, but recent reports show that most work.

1. Send a Follow Request

Yes, sending a follow-up request to spy on a private Instagram account would be very beneficial. First, make sure you are sending it to the owner. You should always click the ‘follow button’ to notify them about your interest in connecting. After doing this, the following button will act as a requested mode. Now, you need to wait for the owner’s decision. After that, you will check out their Instagram photos and videos to see if it is a positive response. Otherwise, you can go to the next step.

2. Make a Fake Instagram Profile

If the account owner is not ready to accept your follow requests, it is the right time to make a fake Instagram profile to check their posts. You can give a different name while creating a fake Instagram account so the owner will not identify it.

Keeping your fake account private would be best so the target profile owner could never spy on your posts. Also, upload some decent photos that will look like a genuine profile. Now, send a follow-up request and see how it goes.

Fake account creation is only a trick; we never recommend that, so do it only if needed. Always go the right way so that you won’t face any issues in the future. Even though creating a fake Instagram account to view any profile anonymously is a trick, some people legitimately use the same note. So, please remember to use the same only for fun or not to do anything wrong to others.

3. View Instagram Profile From Friends Account

Another legitimate way to view a private Instagram post is using another Instagram account. For example, suppose your friends or family have an Instagram account where the target Instagram user (private Instagram account) is on their friend list. In that case, they might be able to see their posts, including photos and videos. In that case, you can view private Instagram posts using your friend’s Instagram account.

4. Wait and See For a Public Profile Switch

We have seen that, at some time, users might change their account status from private to public and public to private. It may not always happen, but there are chances that the private Instagram account might get changed to a public Instagram account. So, if you have the patience and are looking to view the private account post legitimately without following the account, the only option is to wait and see for an account status change from private to public.

Frequently Asked Questions in the Article ” How to see private account photos on Instagram.”

The following are some general questions and answers to our topic,” How to see private account photos on Instagram.”

Can I View Private Instagram Profile Using Android and iOS Apps?

You can view any private Instagram profile using the official Instagram app if the particular private Instagram account is on your friend list. You can view the profile using the iOS and Android Instagram app.

Are there any Third-party Apps Available to View the Instagram Profile?

Some apps in the Play Store offer the option to view a private Instagram account. However, none works perfectly, as Instagram’s security won’t allow such apps to see any private content. In another article, we explain how third-party Instagram viewing apps work. However, there are some Instagram tracking tools available to monitor the Instagram activity of the target users.

Can I Download Instagram Videos and Images From the Official Instagram App

You can’t download any Instagram Posts or Videos directly using the Official Instagram App. Instead, you need to use any third-party apps or tools to download Instagram Photos or videos of any particular Instagram Profile. There are plenty of Instagram downloaders available that you can use for free.

Why are some Instagram Viewing Apps not showing any details?

If you check the internet, you can see several Instagram Profile viewers. Out of them, some are legitimate and work without any issues. However, a large number of websites never provide details. They are running only to show ads. Visitors are redirected to several other websites that will offer several popup ads. In the end, those websites won’t show a single result either. If you find such websites with popup ads and redirection, avoid them.

Why are some legitimate Instagram viewer apps not working?

As mentioned above, several safe Instagram Viewer apps are available to show Instagram Profile Posts for free. However, those websites might also face downtime due to Instagram restrictions and the blocking of the Instagram server. However, those downtimes might be temporary, and the website will work as usual.

Are There Any Tricks Available to View Private Instagram Posts?

The tips above are the best ways to see private Instagram account posts. If you can’t find anything listed above, another option is to seek help from your friends in the friend list of your desired and searched Instagram account. It is not the best and most convenient way to see private Instagram posts. It will work only if your friends can see the posts of that particular Instagram profile.

Follow and Contact the Person

Another tip is to send a follow-up request to the Instagram profile and then contact the person by other means. If possible, request them to accept your request. If they find your profile genuine and acceptable, they might take your request, and thus, you can see the Instagram posts of the specific private Instagram account.

Can We Request to Make a Private Account Public?

There is no way to request to publicize an Instagram account from the Private Instagram status within the Instagram app. The only way is manually to ask the private Instagram user by any other means to request to make the private Instagram account a public Instagram profile.

Can I View a Private Instagram Account if My Account is Private?

There is no particular option to view any private Instagram account from another private Instagram account. If the other account is private, you can only view the private Instagram posts if the other user is on your friend’s list. No matter what your account status is, whether it is a public Instagram account or a private Instagram account. You can only view if the other private Instagram user is your friend.

Can a Private Instagram Account be Turned to Public and Again to Private Status?

Yes, there is no limit to the status change. If a person prefers to turn their private Instagram account into a public one, they can do it. At any time, they can change it back to private if they wish. Instagram is not limiting the status change. Ultimately, the Instagram user decides to keep the account private.

Is it Possible to Send a Message to a Private Instagram User?

If the person you wish to send the message to is not on your friend’s list and is a private Instagram account, you can’t send any direct message to them. Only friends of private Instagram users can send them messages. Direct messages can only be sent to non-private Instagram accounts, even if they are not on the friend list.

Does a Private Instagram User Know If Someone Downloads the Photos and Videos?

Private Instagram Profile Posts can be viewed from the official Instagram app and the website. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t offer an official way to download photos and videos. So, downloading photos and videos from a Private Instagram account is impossible. However, screenshots can be taken, or images can be saved via the browser. So, this way, the Instagram user never knows who downloaded or took the screenshot of the Instagram posts.

Is it Good to Use Zenomod to View Private Instagram?

Some claim that using the Zenomod app will help you view your private Instagram account without logging in. However, while testing the same, we found that Zenomod shows an option to install the Instagram addon app. However, the system is showing an error page after completing the steps. Hence, we think Zenomod won’t help you view private Instagram posts.

Which is the Legit Way to View Private Instagram Better?

Recently, we noticed that Instagram is blocking access to third-party applications to view Instagram posts. So, most of the services now don’t work as expected. However, very few are still working.

Since Instagram changes the access each time, application developers need to modify the Instagram viewing apps each time Instagram makes the modifications. So, the best and most reliable way to see Instagram posts is by following the legitimate way of using the Instagram app.

Are there any Paid Apps available to View Private Instagram Accounts?

Pay apps and services are available to monitor and track other Instagram accounts. Those apps are available under the spy and tracking app, in which you need one-time access to the target user’s device to install the spy app.

On the other hand, the private Instagram profile of another user is different. You won’t be able to access their account or phone remotely using any tracking application. In short, there is no way to see the private profile posts of any other user using any Instagram tracker app without having physical access.

Does Instagram Block My Account if I See Private Instagram Account Using Third-party Apps?

Since Instagram does not offer an option to see private Instagram accounts publicly, many users use third-party apps to view private Instagram account details. If you use any third-party app to see private Instagram profiles, do not use your login details to access such services. If you use your login details for such services, your account may get restricted or even blocked by Instagram if it finds any violation of its terms and conditions.

Can I Use the Same Instagram Login Details For the Instagram Viewer App?

As said above, we recommend using third-party apps that don’t need any login or other details. However, if the service you use is trustable, you can create an account and log in to use additional services. However, never use your Instagram login details for any other services. Using the exact login details or any other third-party services may compromise account security, and your Instagram profile might be at risk. So, if you use any third-party service to view other public Instagram profiles, always use new and unique login details, including username and password.

How can you see private account photos on Instagram without Following them?

One main question when related to private Instagram posts is how to see private account photos on Instagram without following them. Yes, this is one question commonly asked by many readers. The answer is if the account you are looking for is a private Instagram account, you need to follow them or be within their circle of friends to view all the posts, including Instagram photos and videos.

How to See a Private Instagram Account Without an Instagram App?

Many Instagram users ask how to see a private Instagram account and its posts without installing the official Instagram app. If you wish to view your friend’s private Instagram posts without using the official Instagram app, the only option is to visit the official Instagram website on any browser. You can view private Instagram posts and photos on mobile or desktop using a browser like Google Chrome or Firefox.

Can I Change my Instagram Private Account to Public?

You can change your Instagram account type to private or public at any time. If you prefer not to show Instagram photos and videos to the general public or to limit the content to your friend circle, you can set the Instagram account type as private. Once you change the Instagram private account to a public account, all the posts, including videos, images, reels, etc., will be available to the public, and anyone can view them using the Instagram app or any other private Instagram viewer app.

Which are the Best Instagram profile Viewer Apps?

As we always recommend, the Instagram official app is the best way to view Instagram profiles. However, there are third-party apps available to see Instagram profiles. You can fine the best Instagram viewer apps to try it out.

Are Paid Instagram Viewer Apps Worth Trying?

Some Instagram viewer apps are available as paid options that offer the option to spy on other Instagram accounts. Those Instagram spy apps work as a monitoring tool to keep track of other users’ Instagram activity. You can try those apps and, if possible, try them before subscribing or purchasing paid Instagram viewer apps.


At last, as said above, it is always recommended to go the right way to see any private account. It will be risk-free, and you don’t have to worry about any issues. Try following the account profile you wish to see, whether a private or public account.

Also, regarding the Instagram profile viewer app, you can always try it to see whether it works. If you are lucky, you can find something worth checking. However, most such tools might not work due to Instagram’s regular updates and security enhancement. So, always keep that in mind. And never make any payment for services that claim to provide free private Instagram viewer service or any private Instagram account.

Legal and legitimate, you can view a private Instagram profile or account only via the official Instagram app and website.