Audio Content is the talk of the town in recent times. A particular form of content has dominated the internet in every period. Currently, it’s time for the audio content. Social Media Marketers have also started to focus on this form of content.

This is because of the increase in the consumption of this form of content. People are spending a large part of their everyday time sitting and working in front of their laptops. Hence, many are having eye strain and looking to increase their screen time. This is also one of the notable reasons behind the increase in the consumption of audio content.

The Jaw-dropping Growth of Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a social application that has been in the headlines for quite some time now. It is different from the social platforms we have to date as it is a complete audio-based social application. Clubhouse had its first launch in April 2020. But, during that time, the platform was limited only to IOS users.

In the midst of May 2021, Clubhouse officially launched its application on Android. Needless to say that Android has the most number of users than IOS. Once the social application was introduced on Android, the news started spreading like wildfire, with many showing interests in downloading the application. The audio-based social application is witnessing many new users every day. Currently, Clubhouse has exceeded three million android downloads.

It has achieved this landmark within the period of two months. The platform is earning users from all parts of the world. If the user base of this platform continues to increase at the same pace, soon it will grow as a competitor for Facebook and Instagram, and we can see services like buy real TikTok likes to avail benefits to the marketers.

On seeing the lightning pace increase in its user base, social media marketers realize how much people are fond of audio content. Hence, marketers have to leverage audio content in the coming times to reach the people.

Trollishly is a social media marketing company that has been developing audio content for a long time. If you want to develop audio content to promote your brand, you can use this service. Clubhouse has made some wiser moves which helped it to gain the enormous popularity it has today. For example, the social application allows the users to decide what kind of content should be provided. Thus, it will enable people to customize the feed.

While creating the Clubhouse account will provide you a list of topics such as finance, angel investing, architecture and arts, etc. Based on the topics you choose, you will find rooms on your feed. For instance, if you have picked finance, you can see rooms where topics related to money management are discussed. Thus, you are going to consume the content you prefer. Hence, most probably you won’t be disappointed.

The Rolling-Out of Twitter Spaces

On seeing the increasing reach of the audio content, Twitter rolled out a feature denoted as Twitter Spaces. The feature enables the user to interact vocally in real-time. If you go into the spaces, you can find spaces on various topics ranging from economy, politics to science and literature. You can join the spaces that match your interest and be a part of the discussion.

As per a recent survey, the time people spend on Twitter has increased considerably after the launch of Twitter Spaces. Hence, this feature may gain importance for marketing in the coming times. This will lead to the arrival of paid services to buy TikTok likes and views packages from Trollishly.

Facebook also became part of the bandwagon by launching audio rooms. The feature enables you to create audio rooms with your friends. In addition, you can also invite people outside your friend list to the rooms. After Facebook launched this audio feature, people have started to check what’s unique in these rooms.

Thus, altogether, audio content has begun to gain momentum recently, with many platforms introducing a feature for this form of content. This, in turn, will increase the consumption of audio content.

Wrapping Up

Audible, the audio-content application from Amazon, has a gradual rise in the number of subscriptions in recent times. Moreover, social applications that are audio-centric are also getting introduced frequently in recent times. Hence, audio content is going to gain center stage in social media marketing.

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