Private Instagram Without Human Verification 2021

Since data privacy is a significant factor, social media platforms implement new and added security measures to safeguard their users’ privacy. But, unfortunately, when it comes to Instagram, viewing a private Instagram profile is not so easy.

Earlier, there were several applications available that provide private Instagram profile view with no survey options. But most of the services went down, and some even stopped the access without human verifications.

Now. We are listing some of the new and working options to access the private Instagram profile with and without human verifications.

Private Instagram Without Human Verification in 2021

Following are the updated list of Private Instagram Profile Viewer app in 2021


Gwaa is one popular private Instagram profile viewer apps, and it is free to use. They provide options to view and download the photos and images from the Instagram profile page. To view and access the service, you need to go to their website and enter the Instagram user name.

It will take some time to fetch the details, and once done, you will get the details of the profile, and you can verify the same. After confirming the same, you can see the profile details and can download the posts from the profile.

Unfortunately, Gwaa requires human verification to download the profile details.

Private Photo Viewer

Private Photo Viewer is another great Instagram Stalker that helps you to view the private profile. To view the private images and videos, go to the tool page and enter the username. Next, you need to confirm the user profile. Finally, select what you would like to view, Image or Video, and proceed.

Image Rocket

Image Rocket is the next addition to the list that helps you view private Instagram accounts without human verification or surveys. To view the private profile images or videos, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the website and enter the profile name.
  • Now, hit on the search button.
  • Next, you can see the photo, profile, and posts of the entered user name.

Currently, Image Rocket is offering the no survey option for private Instagram account viewing. Hopes that continue as it is.


WatchInsta is also another popular tool to access the private Instagram Profile. Watch Insta is an online tool that doesn’t require any software download to access the Instagram private account. On the page, enter the user name and follow the on-screen instructions to view the private photos and videos of the profile.


Ingramer is a simple to use the web too. It is also called the web viewer for Instagram, in which you can view the Instagram post details anonymously. Enter the profile id in the search field and hit the search button.

You can see the list of profile post items within a few seconds.


Next on our list is PrivateInsta. Private Insta is also a free Private Instagram Viewer application. With Private Insta, you can view the private Instagram account details with a few clicks. Enter the username and hit the View Private Profile button to get the results.

Unfortunately, Private Insta requires human verification now, and they are not offering access anonymously.


IG Lookup is the last item on our list for June 2021. IG Lookup also offers access to both public and private accounts to view their service. However, they require you to complete the service to access the private Instagram account.

We found one issue with IG Lookup: even if you enter a public username, the system shows it as a private profile and asks you to complete the survey to access the details.

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