Web-based and mobile app-based Instagram profile viewer apps are now available, and most claim to offer the option to view private Instagram accounts without any verification or surveys.

While listing the private Instagram viewer apps that offer Instagram profile viewing, we stated that even though most of the service claims they provide without any survey, most of them end up in verification or a survey.

Initially, most services were offered without the human survey, but recently we noted that the survey is completed to view the Instagram account. Furthermore, some readers even informed us that some services could not list the profile after the survey. So, currently, we can say that the actual viewing option of a private account is subjective and can be achieved with or without human verifications.

Here, we list some facts about the Instagram Stalker App available in PlayStore and App Store.

Instagram Stalker App App for Android and iPhone

Since many users are looking for an option to see the private profile, including photos, videos, and stories, there is some mobile application available that claims to be Instagram Stalker App.

Are they real or claiming false information? Firstly, we can say that there is no straightforward option to view any private profile using a mobile app.

If you are downloading an app and paying for any subscription to view the private account, think twice and read some of the reviews by the users, if possible. It will help you understand and get feedback from those using them already.

How Instagram Stalker App Work on Mobile

Some apps listed on the PlayStore and the Apps store work in a way that offers a profile view of public accounts only. Viewing the profile picture and some images for a private account is possible only if that particular user is also using the mobile app.

For example, if you are using an app named, say, X to view the private profile, you can view the profile of a private account in the case that, that particular profile is also using the app X.

So, we can say that you cannot see all the private profiles as it claims. But, on the other hand, some applications are listed saying you can view all the accounts. But it will help you to view the Public account only.


You can download and use the app to see them working; however, before making any purchase or taking any subscription, please read the reviews by other users. Also, always avoid providing sensitive and personal information within the application. As mentioned before, many scam applications exist, so always avoid sharing personal details.