Instagram is the popular and the perfect photo sharing social media platform. Social media users all over the world love Instagram as the favourite platform for sharing their personal as well as public images.

As image and videos are the crucial part of Instagram posting, it is also essential to post pictures on Instagram with correct size and resolution. If we post one image in the wrong dimension, most probably some part of the image might get cropped, and as a result, the final image that got published on Instagram may not be the one we desired. It may give a bad impression to your Instagram Profile.

So, always keep posting image with the correct size or resolutions. Here we are listing the right size or simply the proper resolution of Instagram images and videos.

Size of Instagram Images

Here we are listing the recommended size/resolution of images and videos used for posting images and videos on Instagram.

Instagram Profile Image Size

People used to upload different image dimensions as profile photo for Instagram. However, the recommended size for a profile image on Instagram is a square image with a minimum resolution of 150×150.

However, we recommend uploading with atleaset 512×512 resolution. You can upload even an image with 1080×1080 resolution. If you upload a photo with a higher resolution, Instagram will automatically scale them to the appropriate size.

But always upload a square image and don’t try to upload an image less than 150×150 resolution, as it will make the image blur on some high-end devices.

Instagram Post Image Size

As per the new standard, Instagram is now recommending square images for Instagram Posts. So, it is always recommended to use a picture with a resolution of 1080 x 1080 px.

Instagram Post Image Size – Horizontal Image & Vertical Image

Since we use a square image for Instagram Posts, there is no difference in the horizontal and vertical orientation. In both views, the same square image will work without any issue.

Instagram Story Image Size

The new standard is also recommending resolutions in using images for Instagram Stories. For that, we can use a high-resolution image with a 1080 x 1920 px resolution for all Instagram Stories. Instagram will automatically scale the image on different devices.

Instagram Story Horizontal Image

It is not recommended to use a horizontal image for the Instagram story. However, if you need that, it can be done with a photo of resolution 1920x 1080 px.

Size of Instagram Videos

As said above, Instagram uses the square size view as the default layout now for all Instagram videos, and you can use any video with a square resolution. It is recommended to use a 1080 x 1080 px resolution video. It will automatically adjust on all the devices.