Accessing others Instagram accounts is done for fun in some cases; on the other side, there are unauthorized that can cause harm to others. If someone is hacking the Instagram account as a part of the prank, it might not do any harm. But if the hacking is interested in some unauthorized activity, it may lead to serious issues.

How Hacking Instagram account and hacking an Instagram account is always an exciting topic. Today in this artcile, we will check how to hack someone’s Instagram account and access the Instagram posts.

This artcile on how to hack someones Instagram is for educational purposes, and here we are not going to explain how you can hack any Instagram account. Instead, the goal is to give an idea of how the Instagram account is getting hacked and how a hacker hacks the Instagram account so that you will have an idea of how Instagram account hacking happens and how to see and download Instagram photos and videos.

How to Hack Someones Instagram Account

As mentioned before, the hacking on the Instagram account is done for multiple reasons. To prank someone, it can be done, and that won’t harm anyone. On the other side, unauthorized hacking from unknown persons can harm others. On an official way, there are multiple apps available to spy on Instagram accounts, but hackers follow some other ways. Following are the different ways in which an Instagram account gets hacked


Phishing is one of the most used methods to hack account details, including on Instagram. The hackers used this method to grab the user’s login details from the actual user itself. Then, they used to build the exact website copy with the same design as the real website. Then they manage to take the user to the fake website where the real user enters their username and passwords. These details will be saved on the hacker’s website, and thus, they will get access.

Some fake applications also track user credentials by offering discounts and offers.


Spywares are another tool that is used to hack Instagram accounts. In this case, the Spyware might be installed on the target device by any means, and as a result, all the activities on the device will be recorded. Once the user enters the password, it will be saved and tracked, and the same can be used to access the Instagram account. In most cases, it is hard for any spyware to follow all the phone details if it is non-rooted or non-jailbreak.

Simple Guessable Passwords

Another common mistake made by users is using simple and easy passwords. Most people prefer to use simple passwords to remember easily. But that is also easy for hackers to identify and guess. For example, some password decryption tools can easily track the Instagram password if it is familiar and straightforward.

Application and Website Vulnerability

We can see that websites and apps get maintained regularly. The updates are for feature updates and security updates. Sometimes security vulnerability can happen to any service due to multiple reasons. It is not a common thing; however, it can happen sometimes. If there was something like that, it might result in security issues.

Unsafe use of Public Computers

Some users used to access the Insta account from public computers. But after the use, a few forget to log out or close the browser. In such a case, someone else may access the account, resulting in unauthorized use.

Using Untrusted Public WiFi

Using untrusted public wifi can also cause security vulnerability. If the unsecured Wifi network is hacked, it can cause data leaks and expose the account details.

Using Moded Instagram Apps

using any untrusted moded version of the Instagram app also can cause issues. If you accidentally use such untrusted apps, then there is a chance that the data and login details can be compromised and can result in the misuse of the Instagram Account.

Hacking Instagram Account Using Fake Offers

One common hacking method used now is offering users fake and scam offers. The hackers used to provide target users with gifted, money, etc. They will send SMS with some scam offer claims. Once the user clicks on the link, it will take them to some malicious website where the details can be collected. Those details can be used to access and change the Instagram Account privilege.

Instagram Hacking Using Forgot Password Link

Hackers used to reset the password of the Instagram user. Later, they will collect the user’s reset password link or the OTP. This helps the hacker reset the Instagram account and access the victim’s Instagram Profile.

How to Prevent the Hacking of Instagram Account

Following are the security measures that can be taken as a user to prevent the Hacking of an Instagram Account.

Use Official App and Websites

Since phishing can happen anytime and it isn’t easy to identify, always use the official Instagram App and websites to access your Instagram account. Avoid unknown third-party apps as an alternative way to access your Twitter account. Always avoid untrusted third-party moded Instagram apps.

Use Different Passwords

Using different passwords for different services, like Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, etc., is always better. If the login details are the same for all the services, it might be easy to hack all the benefits if they get compromised. So always choose different passwords for each service.

Use Complex Passwords

Avoid using guessable and straightforward passwords. Never use your username as the password. A complex password with a combination of characters, numbers, and special characters and a length of 8-10 is more secure.

Such passwords are difficult to guess, so automated decryption tools won’t find them.

Update the Apps Regularly

Constantly update the Instagram app once an update is released. Usually, companies release new updates as feature enhancements and security fixes. To prevent any threat, constantly update the apps regularly.

In some cases, the OS issue, whether it is an Android or an iOS device, can also cause security issues. So try to update your iOS and Android OS device quickly.

Monitor your Instagram Account

Even after following the security measures, constantly monitor the Instagram account. If you find something unusual, immediately change the password of your Instagram account.

Avoid Rooting and JailBreaking

If you are an iPhone user, then better avoid jailbreaking your iPhone. Jailbreak devices are vulnerable to security issues, and hence better to avoid the same. Similarly, avoid rooting the Android device to safeguard your phone and accounts if you are an Android user.

Take Extra Care While Using Public Computers

If you are trying to access a social media account like the Instagram account from a public computer, log out from the account after use. Also, it is best to log in using an incognito browser window.

Use VPN While Using Public Wifi

If you are accessing the Instagram account from your device using any public Wifi network, always try to use a secure VPN connection. The VPN offers additional security to the internet connection, making it difficult for hackers to hack Instagram accounts.

Beware of Spam Links

Never click on any suspicious link that you received by SMS or email. Hackers will send some fake website links to access your personal and social media account details. Once clicked on such a link, the account details might get compromised.

Discard the Reset Password Message

If you have received the reset password message you haven’t requested, discard the same and never share the details with anyone. If possible, report the same to the Instagram team.


Hacking can happen at any time and what we can do is safeguard and carefully handle the account from our side. If any unusual activity is found, you need to change the password. It is also recommended to change the password regularly. Once every six months is an excellent way to safeguard the Instagram account from Hacking.

Instagram Hacking on Celebrity Account

Once new trend now seen is the hacking of celebrity or influencer accounts. Once the account gets hacked, the Hackers will post posts on the profile asking all the followers to visit some third-party website or send money to a particular account such as bitcoin. In this way, the hackers are getting significant exposure in a limited time by which they can collect a large amount of data and money by this type of hacking. Here, the celebrity or the influencers do not know what is happening, and even if they act instantly, many of their followers might already be trapped by the Hackers.

So, keep that in mind, and none of the celebrities won’t ask their followers to send money to someone else without any pertinent details, like bitcoin. Nowadays, hackers are exploiting all the possible ways available.

Hack Anyone’s Instagram Account Using Spying App

Multiple Instagram monitoring apps are available that help hacks anyone’s Instagram account. Those tracking apps are mainly used for account monitoring purposes to keep an eye on others’ Instagram activities. Parents mainly use the Instagram spying apps to view their kids’ Instagram activities.

Why People are Still Searching How to Hack Someones Instagram 2021

Whatever the year to be, if you closely monitor the search history, we can see that how to hack someones Instagram 2021 and 2022 is still got its high volume. Since Instagram is so popular worldwide, and many users use the service, the chance of getting hacked is also high. This is because the search done on Instagram, like how to hack someones Instagram 2021 and how to hack someones Instagram in 2022, are done by both types of users; one tries to access the other’s Instagram account, and the other gets affected by another’s hacking.

So the search for hacking someone’s Instagram account will always be there. So always follow the safety measures to secure your Instagram account from getting hacked.

How to Hack into Someones Instagram Without Password?

One of the main questions people are asking about this is how to hack into someones instagram without a password. The reality is that all the hack and the instagram account access is done using the password. However, the hackers indirectly cracked or hacked the password using some methods. Once the password is obtained, the hackers use it to access the account.