If you’ve searched the Internet for information about how Tinder works, it’s probably because you’re at. Whether they are unique opportunities to establish love relationships or they are just new opportunities for friendship, it is not that important, I understand your choices, and I want to give you a hand.

If you want to find out in detail how the famous dating application works, all you have to do is sit comfortably and take a few minutes of free time to read this tutorial of mine. Let me explain all the tool features, which, in addition to being accessible via a web browser, is also available as an application for Android and iOS smartphones. You will then be able to access your profile even when you are away from home, using the mobile device of your choice.

Tinder Gold is the premium version of the popular dating application, which landed only on iOS / iPhone and later arrived on Android / Google Play to offer exciting features. Unlike the standard version of Tinder (how it works), its strong point is the possibility to find out immediately which users have expressed their preference for our profile to skip the phase of the possible crossing. Furthermore, it allows you to have superpowers that make everything less random and less easy to make mistakes.

In short, instead of creating the magic of the match, which is a bit the soul of this application, we go straight to the point. The price is not low; however, the data relating to the purchase on the iTunes App Store show that many users are willing to pay for it. Let’s find out more about all the Tinder Gold pricing and features well explained and the difference with Tinder Plus.

Therefore, the dear and old Tinder has decided to devote himself to the god of money, which is the engine that moves the world, going to distort itself to make hay and fill its coffers with lots of new income. Why leave only the possibility of the “free” crossmatch when you can take away money that users are willing to pay to know who you like on Tinder immediately? This is just one of the many exclusive features of those who decide to subscribe to this dating application’s complete service. Let’s find out more.

How Tinder Gold Works

It would be nice to go without fail with those who already know have preferences towards us a bit like in real life. Tinder Gold tells us that yes, that user swiped to the right side when our photo appeared. And so we can immediately get in touch. A powerful privilege, which makes this application a little less imaginative and a little more similar to many other dating apps that are less “playful,” if you can say so, and more pragmatic.

When we use regular Tinder, we will only have the possibility to find out who we liked if we also go to cross the preference. Therefore, it is not apparent that the match will occur, mainly if the application is not used compulsively.

But let’s list all the functions that you will have with Tinder Gold:

Passport: a sort of elimination of the geo-localized constraint to go hunting for singles (or presumed such …) all over the world, just like a ticket. The area is decided and off with the wild swipe. Widely used by those who want to travel to one place and move forward or, on the contrary, travel according to the matches received

Cancel: if by mistake, you have decided not to like some profile, perhaps by mistake or if you rethink your decision, this feature makes you go back

Unlimited Likes: no limitations on likes to be given to the profiles you like the most, like many baits ready to take the bait

Five Super Likes a day: to put yourself in the front row towards faces that deserve according to their judgment
1 Boost per month: to be able to highlight your profile in your geographical area for 30 minutes and be particularly visible

No advertising: a significant pro for a smoother and more comfortable experience

Of course, the most requested function is to find out who likes you immediately, without having to scroll through all the “offers” and hope for a crossroads. Tinder describes it as a real person “concierge” open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Tinder Plus vs Tinder Gold, The Differences

What are the differences between Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus, the other service with extra features? The second is more limited; in fact, it only allows you to access unlimited Likes to scroll right as often as you want, the Passport to hunt around the world, Cancel to delete your choice and the free daily Boost to put in highlight your profile for 30 minutes.

In short, the most delicious function is lost, which is to discover who likes you immediately.

The Price Of Tinder Gold

The price of Tinder Gold is 5 euros per month plus 9.99 euros per month for those under 28 and 19.90 for those over 28 as regards the necessary Plus package. The success is already global, given that it is currently in first place on the Apple App Store among paid applications.

In addition to the knowledge of the preference, you will also have the opportunity to affix infinite likes, five super likes per day, and a boost per month to view the profile of those who have shown interest. Of course, the advertisements also disappear.

Tinder Gold: Pro And Cons

Let’s draw up a summary of the pros and cons of Tinder Gold. Is it convenient for those who want to make the most of this potential?

Pros: ideal for those who don’t want to spend too much time to find a match; no limit of likes for those who wish to – on the contrary – to like wild like to all possible partners; Super Like and Boost highlight the geographical area of use; ability to hide geographic location and age.

Cons: you must still have captivating photos and an intriguing description because Gold does not mean going to a sure sign; it has a considerable cost in the long run; with tricks like the GPS position falsifier, you can avoid this function if it is the first that interests you.

In short, an extra undoubtedly useful for those who want more chances or are a bit frustrated by the free application, but which must also be well evaluated in terms of the high cost.

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