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How to get Instagram followers with Followers Gallery

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When you have enough followers, you have to do some things to keep them permanent. Here are some useful advice below:

1. Using correct hashtags

To begin with, hashtags serve as categories and make your photos much easier to find for those interested in your products. Using correct hashtags is very similar to keyword research.

You must verify which are the words or phrases you want your images to appear, that describe the product and its benefits, and above all that they are popular and that followers on Instagram are using them.

We recommend not including more than 5, as the seriousness of your account is completely lost and it begins to seem desperate for followers. Try to appear confident, promoting your product but always with the clear intention of attracting only those with real interest.

Remember, it is one thing to use the hashtags for any reason and quite another to use hashtags that have clear objectives.

2. Interactivity on Instagram – don’t be rude!

We can’t stress enough contact with followers! If you get comments, always remember to reply, thank, or acknowledge as soon as possible, even like it. The more your post attracts comments specifically quickly after it is published, the more important the Instagram photo will appreciate and may make it more visible to others.

Someone has mentioned that Instagram appreciates comments received within the first five minutes the most, but this may just be a rumor. Instagram podcasters send each other notifications via an instant messenger or Instagram’s own messaging feature when they post new content, and podcast members immediately commit to commenting on each other’s new content.

However, Instagram is also fast in its movements and its algorithms recognize the generic comments “Wow!” and “Awesome” and don’t give them the boost they need.

3. Create quality content

If your contact is good and people actually like whatever videos or photos you are uploading then naturally they will follow up. If you have good quality content, your followers will obviously and automatically want more and they will follow you to know every update about your work.


4. Takings great photos/videos

If your image is remarkable, without the need for hashtags, you have a clear example of the type of resource that you should continue to include and share in your account. The Instagram community is usually quite critical of images, so if you upload excellent quality shots, you will have the attention of several followers.

Also, you need to make sure that your pictures tell a story if you want to go on Instagram. It is not possible to grow on Instagram if you have low-quality pictures.

The advantage is that if you are not an excellent editor, Instagram filters are quite useful. Just try not to go overboard and make the image look unreal. You want a positive impact, not unnecessary teasing and criticism.

5. Research best times to post

The advantage is that you already have the possibility to schedule your posts at the time that suits you best. Now just need to know that schedule. For that, you can use iconosquare, a tool that allows you to view in a quite dynamic way the days when your posts have the highest activity, as well as the time when most visits are registered.

With this information, you can prepare your content to come out at the specific times that you consider will have greater reach.