Since Instagram has become the sole proprietor of the social media marketing industry, it has become very important for budding influencers and small online businesses to know how to build an organic Instagram marketing strategy. Surely, using Instagram marketing tools will be on our list, but for people who are starting, we also have tips that build up the basics.

The best tool to use is to buy real and active followers for Instagram because this gives you an edge over the competitors in your niche and hence is highly appreciated. However, more on that later. So without further ado, let’s jump right into the 5 ways of building an organic Instagram marketing strategy.

Set a goal for your Instagram account

Setting goals is very important for your social media presence. Be it Instagram or any other social media platform, knowing where you’re headed is a piece of crucial information to have. Goals can be of two types, long-term and short-term. With short-term goals, you would want to keep it to a limited time frame, say two to three weeks. However, the time limit should be close to a year with long-term goals. Short-term goals can be related to projects that you take on and the general managing of your Instagram page.

For example, making a post schedule, scheduling your posts using online tools, collaborations, and completing paid promotions. However, long-term goals may look like a significant follower count milestone or even a sales count that you need to get by the end of the year. Therefore, understanding the endpoint of your endeavors is very important because only then you will be able to focus on what’s essential. Hence, setting goals should be your number one priority.

Using hashtags

Using hashtags is undoubtedly one of the major parts of your marketing strategy on Instagram. To ensure that your content reaches the people it should is what hashtags are used for. Now, all hashtags aren’t important, and using them at once is also not recommended. However, using the hashtags relevant to your niche is one of the best advice that an Instagram marketer can employ.

Using hashtags increases the chances of you ending up on the for you page, which is how people become viral. To achieve that, you have to invest a lot of time into research. Good hashtags don’t just come to mind. You have to look for the ones with the highest following and are also important keywords for your niche. When these two overlap, you can curate a list of such hashtags and use them in every post of yours. This makes your content more discoverable and hence gets you more organic reach than someone not using hashtags.

Posting consistently

Consistency is one of the most important factors in building an audience on Instagram. You need to be in the limelight since you can lose your relevance quickly. Posting consistently helps with that. Now consistency can be different for different people. However, we suggest that you put up at least one content piece daily to keep things going.

There are content firms that put up more than 10 content pieces daily, and people love consuming all of that. If you’re not posting consistently, then you should start doing that. To improve this particular part of your Instagram marketing strategy, you can use Instagram post-scheduling tools available. These tools make you upload the content beforehand and then post on your behalf, making you not worry about posting every day, even when you’re out.

Get more engagement

Last but not least, getting more engagement is an essential aspect of your Instagram marketing strategy. But first, let’s elaborate on what getting more engagements means here. Getting more engagement means participating in conversations that your followers are starting. For example, appreciating them for making your content pieces, replying to their comments and DM’s, and things along the line.

This makes people believe that they are important to your brand, and hence they start investing their time in your profile, which is exactly what you want. When the Instagram algorithm notices that you are getting much more engagement than other accounts in your niche, you start ending up on other people’s for you page. This is why getting more engagement is very important.


There are a lot more ways to build an organic Instagram marketing strategy. However, these five are the most important and the most basic. If you’re not implementing these in your profile, we highly recommend you because this makes your social media presence more prominent. We’re sure that these tips will help you immensely. Till then, keep scrolling!