Google finally decided to stop its social networking service ‘Google Plus’. From last week onwards users are getting email from google about the announcement. Also if you are accessing your Google Plus profile, there also Google is showing the notification about the shut down.

As per the announcement, all the Google Plus personal accounts will not be available after April 2nd and users cannot access and manage their account there after. Google is asking all the users to backup all their photos, videos from their profile before the shutdown. Afterwards all the data will be deleted.

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Google launched Google Plus in 2011 to counter Facebook by shutting down one of the first social networking site called ‘Orkut’ which was launched in 2004. Google started the social networking trend with orkut initially, later the monopoly came in hands of Facebook with the introduction of new and advanced features. Facebook was also there since 2004 but it was not popular that time, later things changed. As a result orkut started dropping users and finally google decided to introduce new platform and to shutdown Orkut.

But the new platform called ‘Google Plus ’ didn’t go well and the most important drawback with that is, there were no such feature that can counter Facebook. All the features with Google Plus was already there in Facebook. Hence Facebook never faced any treat from Google Plus. Later Google tried several strategy to keep its position in the market. But nothing helped them. Even Though the Google Plus application are being pre installed in almost all the Android Smartphones, people never opens it too.

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Most people trying to uninstall the application, but being a system application, only option for the users is to keep it there untouched or to disable it. Now, with the news regarding the shutdown, most people are thinking that, they can now uninstall the application from the mobile to free up some space.

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