It may be terrific to witness your children rapidly maturing into teenagers as parents. But, unfortunately, you may see them wanting the next best thing that falls under their sight during this point of age. Chances are, they may have already started begging for a cell phone.

It is entirely understandable that, as parents, you must be concerned about their safety. But unfortunately, there is a high possibility that they may use platforms like Instagram or Facebook after getting a phone.

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These social media platforms are undoubtedly a great way to communicate with peers, but there are also chances of getting into trouble because of strangers. So what can be done? Guess you already want to be in control without letting them know.

Well, it’s possible to monitor your child’s online activities and be rest assured that they are secure. With that in mind, here are a few spying apps for Instagram listed below for you to pick to keep track of what your kids are doing online and enjoy peace of mind.

Overview of Social Media Tracking/ Monitoring

Social media tracking or monitoring may sound odd to many, but it is a great way to remotely watch the activities performed on another person’s cell phone.

Spying apps are beneficial, from knowing their location data, accessing phone conversations, checking browser history, tracking calls, reading texts, and closely watching every social media activity.

Whether your teenage daughter/son, your employee, loved one’s on social media, or your competitors on Instagram, social media tracking helps you stay informed.

Pros and Cons of Social Media Monitoring (Instagram)

There are two sides to every coin, and social media monitoring is nothing different. There are certainly pros and cons that it comes with, and you should know before using it.


  • Location monitoring – With the help of spy apps, you can monitor the location of the other person all the time. This means you don’t have to worry anymore about your child’s safety when they are outside with their friends or if your partner is lying about where they are.
  • Content monitoring – Social Media platforms are brutal and there may be sensitive content all over. With social media monitoring, you get a chance to track the content and keep control of what your child is enjoying watching on Instagram.
  • Track of messages and posts – You can keep track of messages and easily find out who the other person is talking to. Also, you can know what they are posting on Instagram for their followers to see.


  • Negative impact on relationship – Monitoring other people’s social media activity simply means you do not trust them or respect them enough.
    So in return, they will not bother to respect you or trust you anyway.
  • Encourages dishonesty – Once your child finds out that you are spying or monitoring their online activities, they may start behaving weirdly.
    For instance, they might start using false messages to conversate with friends which you may not understand.
  • Spy apps can be detected – Your child is more intelligent than you, and there are always chances of them detecting the spy apps.
    So this gives an increased possibility that they may disconnect the spy app from their device.

Top 5 Instagram spying tools that you should know of

Here are the five best spying tools for Instagram that you can use to keep track of your loved one’s online activities and save them from future troubles.

1. eyeZy

eyeZy is an excellent spying tool that comes on the list of Instagram Tracking Tool, assisting you in performing various functions.

This app is untraceable as it allows one to directly read messages and monitor another person’s Instagram activity without making the victim know about it.

The best part about using it is that you can monitor the activities from multiple devices. Additionally, there is also 24×7 customer support offered to the users in case of emergency.

2. is an intelligent Instagram monitoring tool where you can discreetly and remotely keep an eye on your child’s Instagram activities.

The platform allows you to keep track of multiple things, including calls, SMS, emails, keylogging, Geo-fence alert, browser history, Videos, Photos, and locations.

Besides Instagram, you can have access to monitor several other applications like Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Viber.

3. mSpy

Here comes another popular Instagram spying tool that you can use is mSpy Instagram Tracker, which is the best spy on Instagram.

Considered an espionage tool, it has gained appreciation and popularity in the community because it offers access to many other apps apart from the very own Instagram.

This app allows access to many applications, including SMS, GPS, and newly downloaded applications. Also, while talking about its portability, it is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.

4. Bark

The second name in the list of best Instagram spying tools is Bark. It is specially designed for families to protect their children and their lives on social media platforms like Instagram.

This tool offers various features, including social media monitoring, text and email monitoring, screen time and web filtering, keeping a close eye on online predators, and offering parental alerts.

Other than that, you get a chance to monitor screen time, filter websites, and set location alerts. In addition to that, you can get access to control various activities just by purchasing a monthly or annual affordable plan.

5. uMobix

uMobix is an interesting spying tool for Instagram that allows users to monitor Instagram activities on an iPhone without gaining physical access. In simple words, you do not need to necessitate any software installation on the targeted device.

But when using an Android device, the application demands physical access to the targeted phone. With the help of this spying tool, you can track communications, post interactions, location data, photographs, videos, and other apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, or Skype.

Furthermore, while tracking Instagram activities, uMobix sends you a screenshot of the other person’s activities every five minutes.