As far as SEO is concerned, it is the total of plans, methods, and tactics to increase your website’s traffic and to gain higher rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Your site should please both visitors and search engines such as Google. When it comes to optimization, it helps Google to determine what a web page is all about and how it may prove useful for your visitors. When you have a new website to launch, implementing SEO becomes extremely important.

According to an article published on Entrepreneur India website, you should focus on the quality of the links used in the site. It means to enhance the credibility of the site through quality and relevant link building, and not poor quality links. Earn quality links through sharing good links and engrossing content. Here are three tips to rank your website on Google:

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1. Use keyword in the initial paragraph

Start by placing the search term or keyword in the introduction of your content. Make sure it is used in the initial 100 words of the text. Use the keyword naturally in the content without making the paragraph too long. Professional copywriters know how to use keywords. Then, many bloggers prefer to write a long introduction without caring about the keyword. It is not a good SEO practice because Google will not find your content relevant in its search results. If you have any confusion, you can study sites like Tayloright or similar ones to understand keyword usage in their content.

2. Use keywords in the article title

Your business page or product may rank on the first page of Google, sometimes at the top if you use the keywords in the title of your content. Remember that the title tag defines your website content and a keyword-rich blog holds more weight with the search engines. Try to place the search term towards the beginning of the title. It helps in ranking your website better in the SERPs. You can experiment on this technique by doing a competitive search in Yahoo or Google. Study high-ranking sites, blogs, and you will understand how they use keywords in the title tag. Though it is not compulsory if the keyword does not read naturally in the title, but it is one of the best SEO practices.

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3. Write catchy Meta descriptions for each web page

Meta descriptions are essential and visible elements in the SERPs. It appears next to the title tag and URL. With the right copy for the descriptions, people will click on the same. If you want quality traffic on your latest website or blog, use informative Meta descriptions that tell users briefly about your web page or blog. Pique visitor interest with the 150-character limit. Google will truncate anything longer than that. You also click on a website after reading its Meta description. The same rule holds for your targeted audience as well.


Though this is not a comprehensive list, try these tips to improve the rankings of your new website. You can use other ideas as well. Read online literature when you have the time.

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