Hamachi is an on-demand virtual private network developed by LogMeIn. When we consider a real VPN, Hamachi is not the same. It is a VPN-like system and not a full VPN. You can use it to create a LAN-like network based on the need.

For example, if you wish to participate in a LAN-based game but sit in another location, Hamachi can help you achieve that. Similarly, if you need to access the home network from a different location, we can also use Hamachi for the same.

So basically, it is a LAN-like system that we can use for different purposes. So here, what we are looking for is to find at least 5 free alternatives to Hamachi.

5 Best Free Hamachi Alternatives

The order we used below is not based on the ranking. Instead, we selected those 5 as equally important and only listing them randomly.


ZeroTier offers free VPN with LAN-like network for free as well as paid plans. They are running a freemium model of business in which you can use their free plan to connect up to 50 members. However, if you wish to connect more devices, you need to pay for the service.

ZeroTier can create a Local Area Network, and when you connect to the service, each system will get assigned with a Local IP address that we can use to connect it remotely.


Wippien is a free alternative for Hamachi and can use used free forever. Wippien offers a Peer Peer (P2P) VPN network to connect multiple devices to the same Local Network. The most important thing is that the application is lightweight too. Wippien installable files are only 2MB in size.


As the name says, FreeLAN is free open source software that we can use to create your private network. Since it is open-source, you don’t have to spend a single penny to create a VPN network. In addition, FreeLAN offers a stable connection and can be used for LAN gaming without any issue.

FreeLAN doesn’t have any GUI, and hence you need to configure the connection via the command line after the installation. You can check the guide for configuring FreeLAN.


P2PVPV is also another free open source P2P VPN service. You can use the service to create your private virtual network. It is simple and easy to use. But unfortunately, the development of the software was stoped years back, and hence you won’t get any further updates for this software.

You can give it a try, and if found useful, you can continue using that. Otherwise, we won’t recommend it due it to an outdated update.


SoftEther is another excellent free VPN software that comes with a bunch of features. For example, you can use SoftEther to create a Local Network, Remote Access, Remote Management, Building Personal Cloud Server, LAN to LAN Bridging, and any network-related activities.

They also offer a firewall, and thus, you can set rules for your network, which will add additional security to your local networks.


Here we only listed few free alternatives to Hamachi; however, we will list several other options available in the paid hamachi alternatives section.