PrivadoVPN Review 2021 – VPN With Faster Internet Speed

PrivadoVPN is a high-velocity VPN with extremely secure servers in 47 countries around the world. They use 256-bit-AES encryption to prevent hackers, governments, businesses, and everybody else from spying on your online activity.

Save yourself from protection breaches, securely access geo-blocked content, and shield your data with the click of a button using any in their easy-to-use apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Features and Pricing of PrivadoVPN

PrivadoVPN was founded in 2019, and, as their name itself suggests, they have instituted several amazing features to increase your online protection and privacy. Let’s discuss those features and why they are an incredible value.

Features Of PrivadoVPN

PrivadoVPN has a host of great features for both their free and premium plans.

Zero-Log VPN Policy

Fast and smooth PrivadoVPN ensures robust, no-log access so that your online data remains private and secure. Nobody needs a record of your online activity, and PrivadoVPN keeps it a secret.

Faster Internet Speed

With servers worldwide, PrivadoVPN is designed for fast connections, so you don’t have to sacrifice speed for security. They can also help you bypass data throttling, so you get the most out of your Internet.


User Friendly

Download any easy-to-use apps for Windows, iOS, macOS, or Android and connect to a secure server in seconds. You can also set up other operating systems by following their simple, manual instructions.

Avoid Geo-blocking

By changing your IP address, you can put yourself virtually anywhere on Earth to securely access region-locked content.

Premium Network

Enjoy one of the most stable, fastest, and undeniably reliable connections to the global PrivadoVPN network wherever you go.

24/7 Customer Support

The PrivadoVPN technical team is available and ready to assist you at any time, 24/7, whenever you face any problem. Their team is experts who listen to users and help them find effective solutions quickly.


PrivadoVPN has a free version that provides users with 10 GB of data every month and 12 available servers. It is also one of the only free VPN services that allow full access to P2P and Netflix. To unlock all of PrivadoVPN’s features, however, we suggest a monthly paid subscription for $7.99 or an annual for $4.99.


  • PrivadoVPN Free – Includes 10 free GB of data per month and access to 12 ultra-fast, international servers. All you need is a verified email address. They don’t even ask for a payment method at this level.
  • PrivadoVPN Premium (1 month – $7.99/month)- Premium features include unlimited file transfer, access to hundreds of worldwide servers, a SOCKS5 proxy, and the ability to log in on 10 devices with one account.
  • PrivadoVPN Premium 12 months ($4.99/month, charged annually – $59.88/12 months)- This plan is the same as the one-month plan. The only difference is the pricing, which gets you all of the great PrivadoVPN Premium features for a lower overall price.

PrivadoVPN Server Locations

PrivadoVPN has over 200 servers in 60 towns in 47 different nations. Since there are servers in every major global region, it’s possible to bypass geo-blocking and other content restrictions. That means access to more streaming video and audio without having to relocate physically.


As a company, PrivadoVPN is very proud of its network and infrastructure designed to maximize performance and customer response. While most VPNs are at the mercy of third-party server farms, PrivadoVPN employees have extra control over their network security. They own and control their own data facilities and fiber lines to run constant optimization and respond quickly to issues as they arise.

By using the PrivadoVPN app, you’ll be able to select from any of the server locations on their network and connect with one click. It’s also possible to choose a preferred server that you connect to when you start your device automatically.

OpenVPN Support For PrivadoVPN

As far as VPN protocols go, you can choose between OpenVPN and IKEv2. These have different advantages and disadvantages that make it easy to customize your online experience.

OpenVPN is, without a doubt, the most secure VPN protocol in existence. Its encryption has never been publicly broken and results in the highest level of data integrity. However, because it is so thorough, it is also slower than other protocols. People who are willing to lose a little bit of speed for extra security will find OpenVPN their best option.

IKEv2, on the other hand, is also incredibly secure but faster. It makes up time by sending data packets in batches compared to a checksum on the other end. That makes it easy to get the encrypted data to its location and put it back together safely. There is a slightly higher chance of data corruption due to missing packets, but it’s a fairly rare occurrence. If speed is your concern, you’ll love the IKEv2 connection.

While not technically a VPN protocol, we should also mention that the best speeds for P2P come by using PrivadoVPN’s SOCKS5 proxy. These servers are also located in cities around the world. Unlike a VPN, they don’t encrypt your data at all, but they do mask your IP address.

Because the SOCKS5 doesn’t take the time to encrypt your files, it is astonishingly fast. This means that you can connect to other people through a P2P client while remaining anonymous. And since it works at the application level, you can push only your P2P traffic through that and keep the better security of your VPN for web browsing, Usenet, gaming, or anything else you do online.


Issues with PrivadoVPN

Along with the advantages, we found some issues with PrivadoVPN, though we want to preface by saying they’re not actually related to their service or reliability.

While the PrivadoVPN app is generally pretty good, we did notice a few times that it didn’t connect properly. Initially, this was on Android devices, but eventually, the same problem showed up on Windows. We can usually fix this by logging out and logging back in, however.

Similarly, we had some disconnection issues when we first logged in. Customer support was able to help get us running properly, but it was frustrating, and we can see why somebody new to the service might not want to go to the trouble of reaching out.

Fortunately, with PrivadoVPN, you’re not restricted to using the app if it’s causing issues. You can download the OpenVPN config files from the website and use the OpenVPN client on both Android and Windows. So, there won’t be an issue, and you can enjoy the blazing speed and advanced security.

Final Words

PrivadoVPN is a fast and remarkably secure VPN service. This VPN uses the strongest current encryption and has a strict no-log policy that ensures your privacy. Moreover, you can easily activate the Kill Switch option to maintain your security even when your VPN connection is interrupted.

It’s disappointing that PrivadoVPN doesn’t use the WireGuard protocol or accept cryptocurrencies, but those are minor gripes considering they have such a fast, secure network.

Do you want to try PrivadoVPN Premium but are worried about committing to a paid subscription? Then you can feel comfortable signing up because they have a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with their service, you can get a full refund.

All in all, the advantages of PrivadoVPN heavily outweigh the downsides. For a brand new VPN, they already understand the needs of privacy-minded customers and have done great work meeting them.

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