With time, the number of VPN products is drastically increasing. However, it’s indeed a pain in the head for an average user to select the best VPN service that suits the budget and requirements.

For most of us, a VPN is a commodity that we use to protect our digital lives. However, not every VPN is capable of doing so.

Selecting a high-quality VPN is a challenging process to get in, and that’s what triggered us to test this newly launched VPN service named iProVPN.

This review aims to cover advanced features, compatible devices, pricing, speed, and other essentials of iProVPN. So keep reading to the end to know if it’s worth subscribing to iProVPN or not.

iProVPN – Background

iProVPN is a not-so-new British-Virgin-Island-Based VPN service that launched officially in the middle of 2020. Right now, it’s one of the latest and somewhat stable VPN services in the industry.

I mentioned stable because iProVPN has earned a 4.8-star rating on the Trust Pilot platform, and it’s quite a good rating for any newly-established VPN service.

iProVPN is getting popular among VPN fans as currently, the service offers unlimited bandwidth and top-notch online security features with a very fair pricing structure.

What Security Features Does iProVPN Offer?

Upon my test findings, I can clearly say that iProVPN has great VPN features in the box for you. Some of its best features are its military-grade AES-256-BIT encryption and the ability to unblock Netflix and other top streaming services.

IProVPN also has dedicated apps and extensions, an internet kill switch, and major VPN protocols, including PPTP, IPsec, OpenVPN, and IKEV2.

IProVPN will not let you down on the security front as the VPN is also protecting you with strong DNS leaks and malware protection.

Above all, if you’re someone like me, then iProVPN’s Ad-blocker feature will be a blessing for you. The ad-blocker lets you block unwanted ads that often disrupt your online sessions.

What is iProVPN Pricing?

iProVPN gets you the most feasible pricing strategy of all time. Now you can pay the way you want with its monthly, annually, and biennially payment options. You can see its three pricing plans in detail below:


If you think that subscribing to a new service is full of risk then don’t worry, you can try its 30-days free trial before paying for the VPN subscription.

iProVPN – Device Compatibility

The VPN’s compatibility with several routers and devices is somewhat commendable. iProVPN users can install dedicated VPN apps for Windows, Linux, iOS, Roku, Xbox, PS4, Chromecast, Firestick, and other smart TVs.

If you think it’s enough for a new VPN service to offer this much, then let me tell you that it’s not. iProVPN also covers you with its 10-simultaneous connections, which you can avail of with a single subscription.

Number of Servers

Well! To me, the VPN server is the only area where iProVPN is not being so impressive. Since it’s a new VPN provider, therefore, it’s already in the works. Currently, it has approx 150-250 global servers in 20+ countries. Compared to what other VPN services are providing, iProVPN has a relatively more minor number of global servers.

Speed Capacity

According to the test that I have conducted, iProVPN’s overall streaming speed was 77.14 Mbit/s, on average, which is good enough for a regular streamer. However, certain factors like your internet connectivity or location might change the VPN speeds at your side.

Is There Any Technical Support Available?

If you often encounter connectivity issues while connecting a VPN, then iProVPN belongs to you only.

iProVPN is offering 24/7 chat support to resolve users’ connectivity issues. Besides that, the service provider uses chatbots to respond to their client’s queries immediately. You can also contact iProVPN at any time of the day using its email or chat support service.

Is It a Good Torrenting VPN?

The short answer is Yes. iProVPN supports P2P file optimization, which makes it super easy to upload or download heavy torrent files. The whole process is encrypted, so you don’t need to worry about exposing your details to other seeders or leechers on the platform. You can safely continue torrenting without data caps and other cybersecurity concerns.

iProVPN – A Good Choice for Online Gaming

Another best feature of iProVPN is the unavailability of data caps. When you connect to iProVPN, you will not experience any data caps, due to which you can explore a lag-free online gaming experience. However, the encryption process for data security might take a little longer, but you will experience the same thing with every VPN on the earth.

Are There Any Downsides?

Yes! Almost every product has some pros and cons, and iProVPN is no exception. However, according to my analysis, iProVPN has two major downsides right now. One downside is its small number of available global servers, and the other is its monthly plan that I think is too expensive.

Luckily, iProVPN can work and improve both of its imperfections. I recommend iProVPN to slush down its monthly VPN subscription so that more users can enjoy their services.


Indeed, many upgrades are needed for this newly launched VPN service, but its overall performance is heart-winning. As a new VPN service, its bandwidth and encryption features are the best and easily compared with the industry’s best VPN providers.

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