Do you wish to change your location? It is very easy to change an IP address to an international one with a VPN. All you need to do is select a server in the desired country and connect to it. Hence, you will immediately get a virtual location. Furthermore, you will also be able to unblock all the contents that are restricted to your country. We invite you to continue reading the article if you are looking for a VPN to change your location.

Why would someone want to change his location using a VPN?

If you wish to be anonymous online, avoid revealing your identity, bypass geo-restrictions, or for any other reason, you need to hide your location on the internet, a VPN is highly recommended. People are increasingly choosing VPNs because of the ever-increasing number of existing programs that try to track our online activities all the time.

With a Virtual Private Network, you can change and hide your location on the Internet effectively. The installation process will take only a few seconds. As soon as you connect to the service, you will be able to enjoy all the advantages of a VPN. If you already know what a VPN is, you can skip directly to the paragraph explaining how to change or hide your location on the internet.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. As the name implies, a VPN creates a virtual space to operate when you are online. VPNs offer many benefits to Internet users, whether they are at home or in the office. This software offers three main advantages.

A VPN allows users to integrate specific devices into a private network with remote access, ideal for telecommuters. This allows you or your team members to be securely connected online, even geographically distant. If, for example, you use Wi-Fi hotspots on the train on your way to work or in a coffee shop, it can protect your online data.

As a VPN hides your location and allows you to choose a server in the desired region, it offers you the possibility of accessing content from any part of the world. In addition, this type of service allows you to bypass certain network traffic restrictions.

What is an IP address?


The IP (Internet Protocol) address is a series of numbers used to identify any computer, tablet, or smartphone. In simple terms, imagine that you want to send a package to someone. To do this, your mailman needs a certain amount of information:

1. Who is the sender?

Every computer has its name. And just like humans, it has a first and last name. For our devices, this is the public IP address, which is the one that allows it to communicate with all other computers and servers around the world, and the private IP address, which is the one it uses only with other computers in the house, company, or any closed environment.

2. What is the name of the recipient?

To make sure the right person receives your package, you need to enter their name. In computer terms, this is the web address we type into the address bar of our Internet browser.

3. What is the recipient’s address?

The mailman has the name of the sender and the name of the recipient. But he also needs the exact address where to find the recipient. Before the advent of the Internet, we used a directory like a phone book. And this directory exists in cyberspace. It is known as the DNS (Domain Name Server). The DNS links the name, that is, the address entered in your browser’s search bar, to the public IP address of the recipient.

How to change your location with a VPN?


Now that you learned the basic information needed to connect to a VPN, how can you use it to hide or mask your location? Follow the steps below:

  • Start by subscribing to a VPN provider’s offer, for example, you can use Surfshark VPN location changer as the initial step.
  • Then, install the software on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Most providers offer the ability to cover multiple devices with a single subscription.
  • Connect to the VPN server. After opening the VPN software, press the connect button.
  • Launch it and choose a country you want to connect to change your IP.

That’s it! Your IP has changed, and you now know how to change or hide your location on the internet!

How to Change a Location with a VPN

There are many advantages of using a VPN. However, you should beware that free VPNs have a different objective in terms of protecting the users. Trusted VPN protocols are hard to beat when it comes to network-level data protection. If you are not very familiar with VPNs, you can research online to learn more about them.

Feel free to change your location with a VPN according to your needs and explore the depths of online freedom at your own pace!