How to Hack WiFi Password & Network

WiFi networks are commonly used to facilitate internet access these days. We can say without hesitation that it takes precedence over the use of mobile data. Unfortunately, however, connecting to a WiFi meter is not that easy.

Indeed, suppose it is possible to have certain routers at your disposal whose access is not protected by any secure means, such as in shopping centers or public cafeterias. In that case, many WiFi network connections are protected by codes so that no anyone can access them. This is undoubtedly the situation that interests you.

You are indeed looking for an effective and safe way that will undoubtedly allow you to access a WiFi network without worrying about the code. In this case, you should know that you are at the correct address.

How to bypass WiFi security?

Here are four effective and already verified techniques for you.


One of the most practical and straightforward methods is to use a computer program that makes it easy for you. Especially if you are not an expert yourself. For this, the best for you is the Pass WiFi app.


What is PASS WIFI?

PASS WIFI is a program designed by computer security professionals to facilitate access to any WiFi network and enjoy the Internet connection without any constraints. Moreover, it is an application that is compatible with the majority of devices in circulation today.

On what type of device can PASS WIFI be used?

PASS WIFI can be used on different types of support. Indeed, it is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows. This means you can use it not only with your computer but also with your smartphone or digital tablet, which gives you particular ease and does not restrict you to a specific type of device.

How does this app work?

First, you should know that it was designed to be used by anyone, regardless of computer skill level. First, it is necessary to download the computer program. Then you install it on your device. As we mentioned above, it is possible to use it on a smartphone, computer, or tablet. Finally, you will be asked to perform some simple tasks on the app interface. It consists of launching the approximate Wi-Fi network analyzer.

Once the WiFi network has been detected, you need to click on the router you are interested in. In addition, the application connects you to the network without any problem. Moreover, this is even if a password protects it.

What are the guarantees for using PASS WIFI?

You need to know that thousands of people worldwide already use the application. In addition, you have 30 days of trial use. At the end of this period, you are either satisfied or reimbursed. You can download PASS WIFI from its official website.

2. Reset the router to WiFi

You also have another technique that does not require exceptional skill in terms of hacking. First, you need to reset the router. For this, a dedicated button is on the back of the device. Once the router resets, you can use its default password. This technique requires you to have physical access to this router. Otherwise, it cannot work.

You can still try changing the default password even without resetting the router because many users today do not bother to change their default password. But unfortunately, this exposes them to this kind of situation.

3. Steal the password from an already connected device

It is possible to find the password of a WiFi network going through a device that has already been connected. Effectively as soon as a device connects to this network, it can transmit the connection identifier to any other appliance nearby, particularly when it comes to an Android device.

When you access the network settings in the WiFi section, you can generate a QR code that allows any device that scans it to connect directly to the relevant WiFi network. It is also possible to retrieve the connection identifier in the WiFi settings of a computer or even less of a tablet.

4. The fake WiFi network technique

It takes a lot of ingenuity. However, it is a proven method. It is even widely used in Europe to trick WiFi users. It essentially consists of creating a fake WiFi network and making it available to everyone. On WiFi, the network spoofs the name and characters of a particular WiFi.

If the users of this WiFi are not vigilant and let themselves be taken in by deceit, unfortunately for them, they can be trapped. When they enter the login credentials, the hacker will undoubtedly be able to recover them and then connect to their Wireless network.

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