Changing the Privacy settings in Whatsapp is simple. Privacy settings will helpful for some users, if they dont want to share their photo, status or last seen details to others. To change the privacy setting do the following steps.

1. Go to the setting in your Whatsapp application
2. In the settings list, click on “Account” Option

3. In the Account menu click on “Privacy”.

4. In the Privacy option there will be three Privacy Settings (Last Seen, Profile Photo, Status), clicking on each will show a popup to choose whats option you want to select.
you can select what ever option you want.

Option 1 : Everyone – In this option the corresponding details will be shown to everyone who ever have your number with them.
Option 2 : My Contact – Here the details will be shown only to those whose contact details are saved in your contact List.
Option 3 : Nobody – Here your details will not be available to anyone. By setting this option you will also not able to view others details.

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