Elementary OS is one of the best looking and reliable of all the Linux distros right now. If you are a regular user who does not prefer the hacker type terminal interfaces and only prefer elegance, then you should only go for the elementary OS for sure. It has an attractive user-interface which is very easy and simple to understand for the users. You should note that it’s great interface share similarity with macOS and also include a super and strong desktop environment dubbed Pantheon. Pantheon is mainly based on open-source and a free desktop environment, Gnome. The elementary OS is a great alternative for Mac users.

The Elementary OS Hera is the latest version available now and the latest OS update 5.1.6 comes with a lot of bug fix and stability improvements for both App centre and for the developer options.

Here are the main system requirements to install elementary OS:

  • Comparable or Intel i3 dual-core 64- bit processor
  • Access to the internet
  • USB flash drive
  • RAM of 4 GB
  • USB flash drive
  • An SSD with free space of 15 GB

The new version of elementary OS is Loki which users can install with the help of the application installer- AppCenter. It would be better for you to understand that the current version of Loki is prettier and elegant than its old version dubbed Freya. There is only one drawback of using the elementary OS that is not coming up with any preinstalled applications. It provides an integrated application installer – AppCenter which allows installing applications outside the terminal easily without any issues. It would be better for you to understand that the AppCenter has both paid and free apps to make your day happier and easier.

Let’s go through the main features of Elementary OS

  • Provide sharp and clean attractive User interface for the users
  • Supports multi-desktop mode
  • Comes with crisp icons and vibrant wallpapers
  • Very reliable to use as it based on Ubuntu LTS
  • Regularly updated and well documented

AppCenter is mainly an app store where you can download paid and free apps that are only built for elementary OS. Also, Elementary OS comes with Epiphany basic tools, browsers and email client- Gaery. It gives the crafted looks for both Windows and Mac OS. The main aim of Elementary Oss is to offer users a strong PC capable of respecting their privacy and also capable of executing any task assigned to it.

The operating system is really impressive and easy to use and the best in aesthetics. Users who are looking for a beautiful system must give Elementary OS a try and I am really sure you are going to love it for sure. The Elementary OS developers have done impressive work and must be appreciated by the users. It has a clean looking desktop and also several pre-installed software for the users.

Nowadays, it is not an easy task to find the best looking Linux distro from the number of Linux variations available for the users. If you are looking for a beautiful and simple Linux distro as an alternative for Windows, then you should always prefer Elementary OS without any second thought.

So just give it a try if you are looking for both stability and design. So in 2020, we can definitely say that Elementary OS Hera is one of the best Linux distro available especially for beginners and those shifting from Mac OS.

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