Federal Bank Launched Scan N Pay Mobile Application

Federal Bank launched a new Mobile Application ‘Scan N Pay’, a mobile based payment application which will make its users to make any type of payment easily. It including payments at retail stores, restaurants, for home deliveries, e-commerce or even person-to-person payments.

The new application is based on QR code system which will let the users to make and receive payments. Users will not have to use their cards for any payment. If both users have the application installed on their phone can make payment between each other. Before using the application user have to register their application at their website

Steps to make payment

  • Log in to the application using the PIN.
  • To make payment, click on the PAY button and scan the QR Code.
  • The App will show you the amount it has read. It will show the merchant name also.
  • If it tallies with the bill details, give your MPIN / ATM PIN (for Federal Bank customers) and make payment.
  • When a payment is made there will also be an entry in the LOG. This is in addition to the SMS you will get from the IMPS system.

Steps in receiving payment

  • Give your PIN to log in to the application.
  • To receive a payment, click the RECEIVE button and give the amount and the reference details for the payment like bill no, consumer no etc.
  • When you receive the payment, the App will give you a popup message.
  • There will also be an entry in the LOG. This is an addition to the SMS you will get from the IMPS system.
  • Acknowledge the message in the App to return to the previous screen

‘Scan N Pay’ is a developed by Federal Bank and is now available on Android phones and will soon be made available on iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry phones.

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