VoWiFi or WiFi Calling service is now available in India by two of the countries’ top telecom players like Airtel and Jio. Airtel and Jio both started the service almost together, and the service is still limited to some selected number of handsets. The service can be available on any VoLTE enabled handsets, but again, now it is not available to all those devices. Some of the manufactures like Xiaomi, Samsung, etc. add the VoWiFi support to selected devices via OTA.

It is also to note that Reliance Jio provides the maximum device support for the WiFi calling, and Airtel is only offering few devices to that. Here we are going to see the VoWiFi being faced by some Xiaomi users. So let’s see that in detail.

Many of you know the fact that Xiaomi’s MiUi ROM provides the VoWiFi feature to all the Xiaomi devices that have the 4G VoLTE feature. At the same time, the VoWiFi option is hidden if the provider is not giving support for the same.

But Xiaomi MiUI ROM users can forcefully activate this service on their handset by using USSD code. However, the code will enable WiFi calling settings only if it still needs carrier support. We also saw that forcefully enabling this feature is working for Jio; however, it is not working for Airtel.

Enable WiFi Calling option on Xiaomi MIUI devices

To enable this feature open the device dial-pad and type *#*#869434#*#*

once the code has entered, you will get a notification saying

‘VoWiFi carrier check has been disabled.’

Now you will get the WiFi calling option in the device’s network settings option.

Connect to a WiFi network and turn on the WiFi calling option to activate it. You can try with Airtel or Jio network, but in most cases, it will work on the Jio network only. If you are managed to connect the WiFi calling option, then you can use the feature on your device. Here comes the problem.

Since the option was enabled forcefully and the carrier was not officially supporting the service on your device, the consistency of the WiFi calling feature is not guaranteed. It will get disconnected randomly once the mobile network gets connected. It should be noted that the issue may happen randomly, and we cannot get the correct sequence.

But here we have one simple trick that can be performed to overcome the issue.

Fix WiFi Calling Issue in Xiaomi Devices

Once there is a mobile network available, you can connect to the WiFi network and enable the WiFi calling option. Once the WiFi calling option is enabled, you will get the icon on your status bar.

Once the option is activated, you can activate the Flight mode. Now all the networks will get disabled, including WiFi.

Now again turn on the WiFi, since you can activate WiFi even in the AirPlane mode.

Once the WiFi gets turned on, the WiFi calling option also will be activated automatically.

Since you are in Flight mode, no network will get connected; hence the WiFi calling will persist without any issue.

But here you will face an issue if you are using more than one SIM on your device as the Airplane mode will deactivate the mobile network on another network too.

There comes an alternative solution, rather than enabling airplane mode, you can change the preferred mobile network option of the WiFi calling enabled SIM to any network that is not available in that area.

For example, if you are enabling the WiFi calling option on Jio SIM, once the WiFi calling is activated, simply change the preferred network from the mobile network setting to either 2G or 3G. Jio doesn’t have the 2G and 3G network, so the SIM will not connect to the mobile network anymore it will stay in WiFi calling itself.

If you are an Airtel user, you can choose the 3G network once connected. As Airtel is shutting down the 3G network now and is not available in many circles now. Don’t choose 2G for Airtel as the company is supporting both 2G and 4G now.

In this way, you can enjoy WiFi calling without any disturbance. While doing this, you have to keep in mind the following 2 things.

The USSD code to forcefully enable the WiFi calling option will work on any Xiaomi device running on MiUi ROM. It will not work on Android One devices like Mi A1, Mi A2, Mi A2 Lite, Mi A3, etc.

Once you change the preferred network to 2G or 3G, you will get an uninterrupted WiFi calling option, but don’t forget to turn that back to 4G once you are disconnected from WiFi. Otherwise, you will not get any signal.

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