With the advent of website improvements like JavaScript, SaaS products function as interactive online applications. Online web applications have much more than available to the naked eye. They are simpler to use and update after all the new releases.

But, there might be chances that your websites and applications miss out on the Mac app equivalents. One way is to turn your technician side on and create one. It may or may not work for you. There are a lot of challenges and technicalities to deal with while working on this process. The second and more straightforward option is to convert it using Unite 4 and Coherence X.


If you think of converting any website to a macOS app, you can find the steps here. First, it’s essential to have a fair idea about Unite 4 and Coherence X.

Unite 4

SSB Technology is doing rounds these days. But, customers tend to demand a higher degree of customization and functionality. Unite 4 is one such SSB tool that helps you play along well by expanding customized formats and smooth functions.

The user can turn any website into a macOS app using Unite 4 and get the desired results within seconds. It seeks its power from macOS native WebKit 2 engine. Interestingly, this lends power to safari, a major web browser for all Apple devices. You have extensive customizable options. Don’t forget to include the extra native features.

Don’t panic as the converted macOS apps render support to full ad-blocking that comes straight out of the box. So no matter you have the mobile versions for the apps, there’s no space wastage, and you get what you need.

Coherence X

Coherence X is what you need if you tend to miss out on all the awesomeness that Google Chrome has to offer. The backend is not dependent on Chrome. There are others like Microsoft Edge that is new in X4, and others like the privacy-minded Brave browser, Google Canary, and Opera. However, not many users know that Coherence X has its basis in the form of the chromium platform.

It supports all the extensions you’ll need while creating endless apps. You can add your browser tabs to your native apps to create innovative and productive workspaces. There’s a single window that acts; as a result, page for all pages that you need to work upon while turning your website.

Coherence X aids you in building an email application that has many running accounts that can exist in separate tabs that fall under the same interface. There might be reasons for you not to like Chrome. Coherence promises you both privacy and lets you use your skill to include creativity as you want it.

How to Turn any website to macOS app using Unite 4 and Coherence X

Follow the understated steps if you want to turn your website to macOS using Unite 4

  • Choose the function to open Unite 4.
  • Enter details like the app’s name and the correct URL.
  • You can either upload or source the icon from the web
  • Next, you need to click on the create Unite Application.


Here are the steps to follow while trying to turn your website into a macOS app using Coherence X:

  • Launch the respective application.
  • Fill in the details like the name and URL.
  • Find and choose the appropriate icon.
  • Choose the ‘next’ option
  • Click a browser that you want to power your application with.
  • Set the required extensions and then select profile > next.
  • Choose between creating a standard or tabbed application.


Features of Unite 4

The features of Unite 4 are as follows:

  • It is a simple yet powerful tool that helps create an icon for the developed application.
  • The tool features a special emphasis on creating immense icons that match existing tools on Mac. Unite 4 bits of help in grabbing HD icons and transforming them to match Big Sur icons and others like Catalina icons.
  • It is lightweight and enables the users to go for the latest sites and add more Mac-like features.
  • You can add badges and notifications to your existing pages like Gmail and create non-stuck discord apps.
  • The new in-app design, notifications, and keychain support are other reliable features.


Features of Coherence X

The features of Coherence X are as follows:

  • Coherence’s library feature allows easy management of the created applications and changes the settings whenever required. You can also change the application’s window mode and browse engine.
  • The user can create rules to open the links of the developed apps and send the rest to the default browsers.
  • The app gallery allows users to browse both apps and workspaces easily. You can add them to your Mac, as well.
  • It renders support to Edge and Opera and helps improve the backend for created applications.
  • You can create apps incognito and launch them in the same mode.


Difference between Unite 4 and Coherence X

Coherence is the only SSB that is chrome-based. It behaves like a Mac application. It is new in X4. So, whenever the user closes an application window, the opening will be from the previous state irrespective of the relaunching. It turns your website into an isolated and chromium-based application that lands on the Mac.

Unite 4, on the other hand, has its curation from the start natively for macOS Big Sur. It gets seamless support from macOS both 10.14 and 10.15. The user can turn any website into a deeply customized application and land it on your Mac. It allows the merger of the modern web with the native macOS apps.


Case Study of both apps

Tool engine

Coherence X is internally more potent because it can use cross-platform browsers. But, it has limitations while performing the additional OS-level functions.

Unite 4 falls short of rendering support to the Chrome extensions and functions. But, it wins in supporting the OS-level operations. As a result, you can have more macOS apps.


Coherence X enjoys a competitive edge if you are looking forward to using web extensions like Honey, 1Password, and Grammarly. However, Unite has features like block ads and helps to improve your app’s appearance.


Unite 4 has a better hand at in-app customizations. They use the BZG-built unite browser, and deep customizations are an advantage both on-site and in native areas. The user can change window styles and script and style the status bar applications, amongst other applaudable benefits.

Sharing and distribution

The Unite for enterprise program helps the enterprises distribute the applications on internal and public platforms.

Coherence X rolls the ability to share the converted and created applications with licensed users.

But, the users should make sure that the created applications are for personal use only. They are non-distributable.

Which one is the best for you

Both Unite 4 and Coherence X are industry leaders that enable splendid experiences supporting workflow changes. Try them, and they’ll change how you’ll use your Mac devices. So judge the use case of both and what works better for you.


The user can undergo a 7-day free trial.

Coherence X begins with the market price of $29.99. If you want to upgrade it, the price stands at $14.99.

For the 90 MB app sizes, the following features prevail:

  • Extension and complete profile support
  • Incognito and multi-tab applications
  • Bulk creations and browser designations
  • Whitelisting and enterprise licensing

Unite 4 begins with the market price of $24.99. The users can upgrade it at a price worth $9.99.

Unite 4 offers 14 MB app sizes, including the following features:

  • Native customizations
  • Whitelisting
  • Status-bar apps and built-in adblock
  • Compact applications
  • Enterprise licensing


These tools promise seamless convertibility of any website into a macOS app. With variations and different features in-store, they don’t fail to impress the users. Explore both of them and choose the most appropriate one for you!

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