How To Change Mac Mouse Reverse Scroll Option

If you are a Windows user who recently switched to the Mac OS, the Mac Reverse Scroll option will be an issue initially, the first question that arise is how to invert scrolling on mac, right?. On Mac, the option available by default is reverse mouse scroll, in comparison to Windows. This is because the default scroll option on the mac was in the reverse direction of Windows. Even though it is not a big issue, new Mac users might find it difficult initially. The good thing is that it can be changed easily from the settings themselves.

How to Change Mac Mouse Scroll Reverse?

For a first-time Mac user, one of the initial questions is how to reverse scroll on a mac, so here in this article, we will see how to change the mac mouse scroll reverse from the default scroll option for the mouse.

To enable the mac reverse scroll option, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open the System Preferences (settings) app on your Mac. On the latest macOS Ventura, the System Setting is now renamed System Settings.

Step 2: From the System Preferences (System Settings), click on the Mouse option.

Step 3: Now, a new window will appear from which you can customize the mouse properties. (On macOS Ventura, the options will appear to the side of the menu windows itself.)

Step 4: At the top of the windows, you will see an option Scroll direction: natural; if that option is enabled (ticked), make sure to disable it (untick). On macOS venture, the option is labeled as Natural scrolling.

Step 5: Done; you can close the window now and try the scroll. Now the reverse scroll option is activated, and the natural scroll on the mac device is disabled.

With this simple step, you can turn off the Mac natural scroll and the Mac reverse scroll. In the future, if you wish to activate the Natural scroll, follow the same steps mentioned before and make sure the Scroll direction: natural is selected.

Is the Reverse Scroll Mouse can be enabled on iMac?

Yes, the settings and the steps are the same for all Mac devices, including iMac, Mac Book, Mac Mini, Mac Book Pro, Mac Book Air, etc.

Mac Reverse Scroll is Available on the latest macOS?

The option is available on all the macOS versions from OS X Lion to the latest macOS Monterey and Ventura.

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  1. Thank you so much for providing me with the information I have been looking for! None of the other articles I read were as up-to-date as your tutorial and as such they did not display the same graphics and it was very frustrating to fix what is actually a simple problem. Excellent walk-through and now I can scroll like I’m used to with using a Windows laptop! Thank you so very much for the assistance!


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