We all know that secure OS is considered to be a key reason behind this highest-selling device. I am sure that, if you’re an iPhone owner, you would also brag about it. But the same OS can turn into a migraine when we badly need to spy on someone’s iPhone.

While every other online solution surrenders at this front, we have come with a crisp rundown of the best iPhone spy apps that will help you break into the secure OS of the iPhone without any troubles.

1 – Spyic

The first place should be owned by something that is:

  • Risk-free
  • Uses the best iPhone spying technology
  • Easy-to-use

In our research, we learned that only Spyic, a powerful iPhone spy app, is only the ideal match of these criteria. Already, millions across 190 countries and world media houses have shown trust in it. And we proudly say that Spyic hasn’t disappointed any of them.

When we inquired about Spyic, we left with a content heart as all these qualities are just a trailer. The rest of the picture is more suspense-filled and exciting.


Here are some of the key takeaways of our research about Spyic and why we have kept it in the first place among best iPhone spy apps:

You will use modern spying technology

Till now, the only known way to spy on the iPhone was to jailbreak the targeted device. But, it’s a risky and outdated affair. So, instead, Spyic uses the most cut-above spying technology, i.e., pairing with the iPhone’s iCloud.

This novel technology is a perfect example of technological advancement. Using this technology, you can break into the secure OS without toying around with its OS makes the iPhone spying free from the fears like damaging the OS or making it prone to cyber threats.

You can be a Sherlock Holmes even if it’s your first experience

People generally maintain a safe distance from iPhone spying because they think they lack the expertise for the same. They fear that even the right spying tool will fail big time to understand its mechanism and end up creating never-ending troubles for them.

Well, this fear is justified and genuine for a layman who tries all traditional ways of iPhone spying. But, this is not the case with Spyic. It comes with the most user-friendly interface that you can ever encounter.

With its 100% deployment and function, it is a cakewalk for everyone, including the greenhorns. No downloading and installation is involved, and this was the real breakthrough that Spyic has achieved.

Data security of the highest kind

No matter how desperate you are to try your hand on iPhone spying, putting your crucial data at risk would be the last thing that you would ever wish for.

Spyic ensures that you never face this hassle by offering you an inventive iPhone spying process that works without having your data on its server.

2 – Spyier

Spyier occupies the second place of our rundown.

The reasons that pursued us to secure second place for Spyier are many, but the 100% web-based interface deserves a special mention. Because of this sort of inventive interface, any novice can enjoy risk-free and discreet iPhone spying.

Other than this, other reasons can be stated as:

  • Its jailbreak-free operations – While the rest of bargain-priced online solutions are creating constant troubles for you by suggesting jailbreak, Spyier has found out a novel way.
  • No data mishandling – Having your data exposed to many cyber vulnerabilities is a common issue with various online iPhone spying solutions. It is not the case with Spyier, as it works without having your data on its server.
  • Spying on multiple activities – When you bring Spyier into action, you can use it for more than 35 phone activities in one go.


3 – Minspy

Minspy is a precisely-made remote monitoring app that has changed the way we used to do iPhone spying. All the concerns with the traditional jailbreak method don’t exist anymore if you Minspy as it offers you 100% jailbreak-free iPhone spying facility.

Using Minspy makes iPhone spying free from all sorts of troubles because:

  • None of your crucial data is saved on its server. This puts a stop to all sorts of data mishandling activities.
  • It renders data exclusive for you directly on your dashboard.
  • No one can ever find out what you are up to. With its 100% web-based interface, iPhone spying is free from downloading and installation.


4 – Spyine

In fourth place, Spyine is standing still and firmly with some of its extraordinary features.

For example:

  • You can track calls, SMS, IMs, social media accounts, and other 30+ sort of phone activities with its help.
  • Its interface can be accessed using any of the data and browsers. No special demands are put forward when you think of using Spyine.
  • Its website has a detailed live demo to give you a better understanding of how things work at Spyine’s end.


5 – Cocospy

Cocospy is another tried and tested iPhone spy app that has built a database of millions of satisfied customers across the globe. People can enjoy a 100% risk-free iPhone spying facility at an affordable cost.


Have you ever thought that you could spy on an iPhone at the cost of $ 10 per month? We bet you haven’t. Like this, there are many other things like:

  • Download free operations
  • High-end data safety
  • Monitoring of 35+ phone activities and direct data rendering is possible with Cocospy. No wonder why world media has also become its die-hard fan. The cherry on the cake is that every data comes with a timestamp.

So, you not only learn what’s happening on the targeted OS, but you also find out when it’s happening. It’s a significant breakthrough in the world of iPhone spying.

Risk-free and secure iPhone spying is possible

Technology is an amazing thing. If you succeed in getting hold of the right technology, then nothing seems impossible. A few years back, enjoying a risk-free iPhone spying without prior knowledge and hands-on experience was out of the question.

Then, Spyic happened, and now it’s very much possible. It has changed the dynamics of iPhone spying in every aspect. Other than us, our other four above-discussed options are also equally trustworthy.

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