How to Bypass The Activation Lock on iPhone and iPad

You were wondering how or if it’s possible to bypass iCloud Activation Lock on an Apple device if you buy it used? Or if there is a way for you to remove the activation lock either on your iPad or iPhone?

Well, you will be happy to know that acquiring a used or a refurbished iPhone and iPad doesn’t mean that you will run into issues around activating iCloud. This is because you can bypass the activation lock. This security feature is part of Apple’s Find My application to help iPhone and iPad owners quickly unlock devices. In this way, third parties, including thieves, will not have access to the device or even get to use the device once they’ve found it.

But the activation lock bypass is not just ideal for second-hand users or owners; the original owner of the iPhone and/or iPad might also have to remove the device’s Activation Lock if the iPhone is blocked, warranting the need for the removal or bypass of the iCloud Activation Lock.

The activation lock is meant to be the most advanced security feature on iPhones and iPads, which is why bypassing it is challenging. Like passwords for other devices, the activation lock on iPhones and iPads is meant to keep them secure, especially when they fall into the wrong hands.

Think of it this way, even the best amplifier, TVs, routers, and phones have passwords that prevent unauthorized access. The iOS Activation Lock is a robust way of preventing theft and may improve any chances of recovering your iPhone or iPad.

Without the original Apple ID password, you may not use the device. It is, however, not impossible to completely bypass the iOS Activation Lock, and we’ll show you how.

Bypassing iOS Activation Lock on iPhone and iPad

In this article, we are listing 4 methods by which you can unlock iPhone and iPad.

1 – Bypassing Activation lock with an Apple ID & Password from the device’s original owner

If you have the device’s Apple ID and the password for the iPad or iPhone from the device’s original owner, bypassing the lock is straightforward, really. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Turn on your iOS device. You will see the iPhone’s or iPad’s Activation Lock display/ screen. Here, enter iPhone’s or iPad’s Apple ID and Password.
  2. Once the device’s start-up is complete, you’d have to disable or deactivate the Activation Lock. How you disable the Activation lock will depend on the IOS version the iPhone/ iPad is running on.
  3. If the iPhone and/or iPad runs on iOS version10.3 or a later version, first go to the Setting app, then tap on the username that’s on top of your screen, then click on the Sign Out option. To complete the process, you’d have to re-enter your iPhone’s password before tapping on the Turn Off button.
  4. But if the iPhone and/or iPad runs on the older version of iOS (Older than version 10.3), you’d have to go to the Settings tad, click on iCloud, then select Sign Out. Next, re-enter Apple ID password the select Delete from my iPhone/ iPad.
  5. Now go back to the General settings and tap Reset. The next prompt will have you click on Erase All Content & Settings.

And once your device finally restarts, you’d have a device that is pretty much as good as new, in its factory settings and without any Activation Lock.

2 – Unlocking iPhone Activation from Device’s iCloud

This method only works if the phone owner is away and not in a position to either enter the device’s Apple ID password or share the password. But you will need the iCloud Find My Phone Feature from the web browser.

  1. Essentially, the owner of the iPhone/iPad needs to access the iCloud Find My iPad or iPhone page and then log in using their Apple ID email and password.
  2. Next, they have to click on the All Devices option, then select Apple device that you need to unlock.
  3. Then, they’d have to click on the Erase iPhone/ iPad function, then confirm the action by clicking on the Erase again option.
  4. Last, the owner has to click on Remove from the Account to remove the device from their shackles. With the phone is pretty much the factory settings, you can set it up whichever way you want.

3 – Bypassing the Activation Lock Using the PassFab Activation Unlocker

PassFab Activation Unlocker, as the name suggests, is the tool that is used to unlock or bypass the iPhone’s Activation Lock.

If you choose to use this software, you will use your iPhone around the Activation Lock. You could also use it to bypass your iPad Activation Lock because it runs on a system that protects the iPads as well, thanks to the use of iPadOS.

How does this software work?
Available for both Mac and Windows devices, the PassFab Activation Unlocker software will bypass iCloud Activation Lock.

Steps for Bypassing iPhone and iPad Activation Lock

  1. Connecting your iPhone/ iPad
  2. To get started, you’d have to download the software, launch it, select the Remove iCloud Activation Lock option, then click Start. You’d have to accept the end-user licensee agreements – just tick the checkbox to confirm reading and agreeing to the terms of use. Click Next.
  3. Bypassing the Activation Lock. Connect the iPhone to a Mac; the Activation Unlocker will automatically detect the iPhone and/or iPad and the relevant tool for jailbreaking the device downloaded.
  4. Follow the wizard or onscreen instructions, keeping the iPhone connected to the Mac throughout – you need a USB cable. To start, click on the Start Jailbreak option.
  5. Once the jailbreak is complete, it’s time to remove the iCloud Activation Lock.
  6. For removal of the Activation Lock, first, you will receive a prompt asking you to confirm the device information for the Apple device. Next, you’ll have to click on the Start option to continue and for the bypass to start. When done, you will receive the final confirmation, advising you to remove the iCloud account from your iPhone since the activation is complete. Confirm this by clicking Done.

4 – Seek Help from Apple

Apple will help you unlock the device. After that, all you will need is legal proof of ownership, and if it’s a used device, the previous owner has to confirm the transfer of ownership to you.


To successfully bypass the Activation Lock on your iPhone and iPad, you require the user’s Apple ID Password and email, and if the device is not erased, you’d need the 4- or 6-digit code. Otherwise, you may have to use Activation Lock software.

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