Are you about to launch a WordPress site but can’t make up your mind about the best web host provider? If you want to own a website that loads within seconds on any device, you should take web hosting seriously. Cheap hosting may be appealing, but don’t expect such low-end value servers to perform as exceptionally as high-quality servers.

That is why you should get the best WordPress hosting to boost your WordPress site’s performance. Fortunately, you won’t have to break the bank to get quality WordPress hosting.

However, you must consider several factors in your search for the right WordPress host for your website. These will enable you to make the right choice at the end of the day.

Factors you should consider when choosing the suitable WordPress hosts

Here are the factors you must consider concerning your WordPress site’s performance, functionality, and reliability:

Speed, reliability, security

The top 3 considerations when searching for the best WordPress hosting provider are speed, reliability, and security. You must also consider your specific WordPress hosting needs because you will save lots of money.

Server Type

Three major types of WordPress hosting (managed) exist, namely:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated server
  • Virtual private server (VPS)

The primary difference between these three WordPress hosting options is how you allocate server resources. First, know that a server is nothing more than a computer with the usual resources like a processor, memory, etc.

Running a WordPress site will take up these powerful resources. Therefore, it is sensible for WordPress hosting providers to apportion these resources to sites on their servers in multiple ways.

Shared WordPress hosting

Your WordPress site will be hosted on the same physical server as several other WordPress sites. This means multiple WordPress websites compete for the same server resources like memory, network bandwidth, CPU, etc. This won’t be a problem if these sites are small as they won’t require many resources.
But a sudden spike in traffic can affect server performance. If the latter crashes, all WordPress sites go down simultaneously. However, it is affordable and can accommodate 10,000 to 15,000 web visitors per month.

Dedicated server

You get an entire server to yourself, with every resource allocated to your WordPress site. However, since you’re just starting, you may not need this type of WordPress hosting as it is only perfect for websites with several millions of visitors per month.

Virtual private server

The resources on this particular server are efficiently divided and managed using specialist software, despite running multiple sites on a single physical server. However, every website on this server is not permitted to exceed all the resources apportioned to them.

If any of your neighboring sites on the same server exceeds its CPU usage, it will only affect that site, not yours. This makes a virtual private server quite similar to having your dedicated server.

Your WordPress site’s needs

It is an excellent idea to prepare a list of your needs while searching for the best WordPress hosting service. This is because your needs will determine what you will prioritize.

For instance, if you’re building an eCommerce WordPress site, you must focus on security and bandwidth. As a result, you will undoubtedly find some WordPress hosting service providers who offer unique plans specific only to eCommerce.

A photography WordPress site will require storage features and speed as top priorities. Some hosting services even provide content delivery options for content-heavy WordPress sites.

Uptime guarantees and server reliability

Uptime guarantees and reliability are vital services to watch out for in your potential WordPress hosting provider. Uptime depends on the percentage of time or period your WordPress site will be online and readily available to internet users with zero issues.

It is only natural to want your WP website to be live at least 95 percent of the time. You’re good to go if your prospective WordPress host promises or guarantees something close to 99.99 percent uptime.

Different web hosting providers offer or define uptime in unique ways. Therefore, you must review the prospective WordPress hosting company’s policy to see precisely what it guarantees. It is not uncommon for some hosting providers to make your site technically available even though lots of bottlenecks are experienced.

Find out how your potential WordPress hosting provider handles or manages downtimes. Start by looking for reviews from past or existing clients indicating how reliable or unreliable the host service provider has historically been.

Other essential factors to consider include:

  • The kind of control panel you will access
  • The available add-on services and products
  • The primary features of the potential host
  • The potential host’s guarantees and refund policy, etc.

These are just a few crucial factors that will help you find the right WordPress host for your WP site.


Getting started with a brand-new WordPress website can be overwhelming. But this shouldn’t prevent you from searching for the right web host for your WP site. This is a crucial step; considering the abovementioned factors will make the right choice.

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