The Minecraft 1.20 update promises to be another game-changing release, offering players a slew of new features and enhancements to the game. This update is set to add more depth and complexity to the game while catering to the needs of players asking for specific changes.

With its focus on player expression and representation, Minecraft 1.20 is shaping to be a significant update offering new and exciting ways to play the game. From new mobs and blocks to improved gameplay mechanics, the update promises to bring fresh challenges and opportunities for creativity to the Minecraft universe.

Game fans highly anticipate the Minecraft 1.20 update, and players eagerly await news on when it will arrive. With the promise of new content and gameplay features, the update will generate a lot of buzz and excitement in the Minecraft community.

Minecraft 1.20 Update: Release Date

Minecraft has remained the best PC game for over a decade and is still here to rule more. With exciting annual updates, it keeps fans active and allures new game enthusiasts every single time. While Minecraft was live in 2022, Mojang Studios announced the name of the Minecraft 1.20 update, and it is called Trails & Tales.

It is widespread that the release will come alive sometime in 2023; however, the exact date is yet to be announced. However, there is speculation, following their previous release patterns, that Minecraft 1.20 will release during the summer, around June 2023.

Minecraft brought its last five major updates in December 2019, June 2020, June 2021, November 2021, and June 2022. If we follow this timeline (while sidelining the gap of 2019 given the COVID-19 pandemic), June 2023 falls into the pattern.

However, enthusiasts will have to wait till the official announcements before they check for updates on Minecraft‘s official website.

Game Minecraft
Developed By Mojang Studios
Latest Update 1.20
Expected Release June 2023
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Official Website

Minecraft 1.20 Update: New Features

Minecraft 1.20 is coming along with a bunch of new features. While many have already been planned, only a few features were revealed during last year’s discussion. Minecraft has been very cautious this time since they are not planning to be overpromising or underdelivering like last time. Here are the details of some of the features that were disclosed lately:

1. Archaeology

Archaeology is perhaps the biggest and most talked about feature of Minecraft 1.20. It was much awaited and finally made its way after years of anticipation. This exciting feature will let players explore their world and search for suspicious sand blocks. These sand blocks, when dusted, will reveal pottery shards for use to create ancient pots.

Each pot has a unique design reflecting something from the Minecraft world. These pots will make a valuable addition to any player’s collection. In addition, this feature also includes a ‘Brush’ tool that will aid in the dusting process. By far, the archaeology system has just four pot designs, but more are expected to arrive as the release date approaches. Mojang Studios have announced that archeological dig sites will initially be limited to desert areas; however, they are planned to expand soon.

However, this update won’t have a new structure like teased archaeology mechanics from Minecraft Live 2020. Instead, though will have suspicious sand blocks which will spawn around existing Desert Temples. Players will require to discover and dust down before they uncover their secrets.

2. Cherry Blossom biome

Cherry Blossom biome is another delightful and long-requested addition for Minecraft players. With the release of the Trails and Tales update, this new feature has increased excitement amongst gaming enthusiasts. The Biome feature includes everything from the ground covered in pink Sakura petals, new types of wood, Sakura trees, and more. In addition, gamers can expect to encounter animals like sheep, pigs, rabbits, and bees though there aren’t any exclusive mobs.

With their Valentine’s Day announcement, Mojang Studios published that Minecraft 1.20 will now have a new “pink” biome in the form of Cherry Blossom. Players, as a bonus, will also get new cherry blossom saplings and cherry logs. In addition, the forest will have thickly packed trees and a unique branch-based generation. The setup not only adds beauty but also creates a hidden base in them.

3. Bamboo Wood and Rafts

With Minecraft 1.20, new blocks were meant to come. The upcoming Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales update introduces a new family of bamboo wood blocks. This feature is to bring a more accurate wood representation into the game. Players can craft the blocks into various items, including fences, stairs, doors, slabs, and more.

Its exclusive decorative bamboo mosaic blocks set the Bamboo and wood feature apart. These blocks can add a unique touch to any build and are attractive. Also, not just that but gamers can now, in fact, craft rafts using bamboo. This functions just like boats in Minecraft, however, with an open and appealing appearance now.

Earlier, the fast-growing bamboo plant has limited usage in the game, but this feature now offers a way to utilize it better. The aim behind introducing this feature (new wood type and unique set of blocks) is impressive. It will surely add a refreshing and exciting element to Minecraft 1.20.

4. Hanging Sign

Minecraft 1.20 has a new solution for the issue gamer face of not finding the right spot to put signs while playing. The introduction of the hanging characters feature will now allow gamers to hang their posters on any block, be it the bottom or sides of the league. It will allow for added creativity and decoration options, especially regarding signing placement.

And in addition, gamers will be able to create wind-chime-like structures simply by stacking signs underneath one another. The features also come with a helping guide that will assist players in creating and using hanging signs in Minecraft. In addition, this feature will now aid players in displaying important information and labels or adding a decorative element.

5. Armor Trimming and Customization

Armor trimming and customization are other features you will experience with the Minecraft 1.20 update. This feature will assist gamers in adding unique patterns and colors to their armor. Each piece of armor will come with 11 pattern designs and 10 different colors. This versatility will provide dozens of possible styles. The said feature has become possible through armor trim which gamers can find in major structures throughout the game.
For customizing armor, gamers must combine armor trim with their armor and the desired color. Armor trimming is purely aesthetic since it does not provide any in-game benefits. But for gamers who are looking to create unique armor designs, it is exciting to try.

6. Chiseled Bookshelf

The Chiseled bookshelf is another addition to Minecraft 1.20 update. This feature gives bookshelves a useful function and is more than just a decorative element. Chiseled bookshelves let gamers store both regular and enchanted books. Here each storage slot sends out a unique Redstone signal strength. As a result, the storage spaces will somehow look identical; gamers can place any book in any slot for easy organization.

The Chiseled bookshelf is much more than just a storage block feature. Gamers can create secret doorways and other hidden mechanisms with the right Redstone mechanic. All this was also demonstrated during Minecraft Live 2022. This feature is an excellent and exciting addition to any Minecraft build; no matter gamers are looking for functionality to store books or in case they are just another Redstone enthusiast.

7. New characters and skin

Another exciting addition is the series of seven new characters as official skins to the game. Minecraft has expanded the characters beyond the classic Steve and Alex skins. New skins like Ari, Efe, Kai, Makena, Noor, Sunny, and Zuri will introduce more diversity to character options.

And the best part is that gamers can access new skins in Minecraft Bedrock and Java editions. Besides that, gamers will also be able to customize their armor with new trims, which isn’t very easy to do. Gamers must search for Smithing Templates and further capture valuable gems to add any styling details to their armor.

8. New and Better Mob Heads

Mob heads in the Minecraft 1.20 update are present for a new purpose beyond decoration. A player placing a mob head on top of a Note block will form an ambient sound relating to the mob type. For instance, placing a skeleton head will release the sound of an arrow being fired. In addition, this update also brings introduces Piglin heads to the game.

Gamers can gather them by killing a Piglin with a charged creeper in the Nether. These heads will move their ears and make Piglin sounds every time they get activated by a Redstone signal. The mob heads feature expands the mob head library and offers more creative ways gamers can incorporate into their builds.

That was all about the Minecraft 1.20 release and the range of features it would bring along. These were just a few; as soon as the release date approaches, more features will start coming to light. It will start coming to light.