Nothing is worse than logging on for a quick match or two only to run into several bots. When you’re up against cheaters, you’re faced with a tough choice: Do you quit the game and suffer any early out penalties? Or do you stick it out even though you know you can’t win?

While every game has its cheaters, few are communities facing many problems with cheating as Call of Duty players. Cheaters use programs and bots to make it easier for them to win (and for you to lose). So, how does the Call of Duty team handle these issues? Here’s what you need to know.

The CoD team takes a proactive approach to cheating

Especially due to COVID-19, the gaming community continues to grow. It’s a safe activity that still allows you to connect with your friends and meet new ones. However, due to this COVID-19 increase, it also means that there’s more cheating than before.

Whether you’re booting up Modern Warfare to play your favorite CoD maps or you’re dropping into CoD Warzone with a party, you don’t want to run up against any cheaters. Plus, cheaters aren’t geographically restricted. Not every cheater will be in the United States, so there’s no physical barrier to CoD cheating.

That’s why the team behind Call of Duty makes sure to post regular updates about its approach to cheaters across popular games. Whether it’s Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, or Black Ops III, Call of Duty devs are hard at work providing anti-cheating cover for players. This isn’t solely for public matches, either.

The developers at Activision, Infinity Ward, and elsewhere look into issues with private matches, too. So, if you want to avoid the fine and protect others, here’s how these teams, and Activision, approach cheating in CoD games.

What are Call of Duty’s anti-cheating actions?


The Call of Duty teams at Activision and Infinity Ward are transparent about how they approach cheating. Both teams incorporated two-factor authentication for accounts, for starters, which helped them identify and remove over 180,000 suspect accounts.

While this has a notable impact, it’s not the only tactic the brand has in mind. The game also issues bans for common offenses across all games, be it Black Ops or Warzone. The games also use weekly back-end security updates covering new maps, private matches, and battle royale styles like Warzone. This helps prevent even fine particles of cheating.

Beyond that, the team is increasing some of its anti-cheating efforts in a few key areas. These include ongoing enhancements for the games’ internal anti-cheating programs, the incorporation of better detection methods, and new resources as needed. Whether it’s in a new game type for Cold War or you’re queueing up a matching playlist in Warzone, you want to know that the developers are invested in the success of the game.

Plus, if you have any questions or concerns about cheating in the game, you can always contact support. A dispatcher will usually try to respond during normal business hours. It shows that the community is dedicated to the prevention and punishment of cheating, making the Call of Duty series more welcoming for both new and veteran players.

Don’t let cheating spoil your fun

Since Call of Duty is so proactive about detecting and addressing instances of cheating, most players don’t have to endure it for long. Of course, if you’re noticing ongoing issues or you suspect a problem, it’s a good idea to report the offending players both in the game and through your system’s report features. It’ll help keep online games more open and inviting for all players.

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