For the first time in over two decades, the world got gifted with a sports management game that focuses on Formula One. With the mammoth task of filling its predecessor’s shoes, F1 Manager does a brilliant job portraying the thrill of managing such a fast-paced, energetic theme.

As with all management games, especially sports management, it is easy to get bogged down in the technicalities, mechanics, and added features.

To make things a little easier for you as you get into this next-level F1 game, here are eight great tips for beginners:

Hit Pause

This game can seem a little intimidating at first – you must make decisions, plan strategies, and face failure before you can find a way to succeed. However, remember that the game doesn’t function in real-time, meaning you can and should take your time to absorb it all.

Never be ashamed to hit pause – it makes things less daunting.

Adjust Your Pace

Adjust your pace according to each situation you find yourself in. Don’t be aggressive when stuck between two cars, but wherever possible – attack, attack, attack.

Always be wary of wear and tear, especially when driving aggressively – the best plan is to run with old parts in practice and save the good ones for race time. Then, take some time off here and there to stop your brain from hurting, and stream some live sports games instead.

Keep Your Eye on The Prize

Due to the nature of racing, striving for the best position is essential to winning. As much as you will always want to overtake the car ahead, be careful not to fall into traps. Keep your eye on the prize and set yourself goals.

As thrilling as it is to fight to the front of your competition, staying in their DRS window is advantageous.

Instead, choose to conserve your resources to convert to point gains. Glory and ego can always wait. Spend time learning great F1 Manager setups for tracks to help you with your overall game performance.

Practice Sessions Are Your Friend

As you find your feet in this highly entertaining game, you might get tempted to simulate practice sessions – don’t do that.

Take the time to go through practice sessions; they are a fantastic way to earn performance and part bonuses, which are crucial for climbing your way to the top. In addition, the longer your practice runs are, the faster your driver can acclimate to the track.

Trust this tip – practice sessions are your friend.

Drive Hard

Don’t worry about fuel! At the start of every race, you must push as hard as you can so your gage drops into the negatives. The more fuel you burn at the start, the faster you’ll be for the rest of the race.

Remember that with F1 cars, weight ratios are everything, so you burn fuel as quickly as possible to lower weight. Then, stay in push mode, driving as hard as you can for as long as your engine can take.

Study Your Finances

As with all management simulation games, numbers are the key to success. When you first start playing this game, you will likely notice that your initial budget isn’t what you’d hoped. Fear not – with some discipline and determined work, you can quickly get a hold of your team’s finances.

Keep an eye on the Incoming and Outgoing tabs to check where your team needs to spend money and where it should consider saving it. The Cost Cap is your friend; it is the budget limit for performance-based upgrades and can often be handy.

Upgrade Basics

This game allows and encourages in-depth gameplay and mirrors the life of real management teams and the ups and downs of that career. So start commissioning your first designs as soon as possible to boost your car’s stats.

Focus on larger parts, such as the chassis; significantly impacts the car’s overall performance. Allocate more testing time to projects to get the most optimal results in the shortest time possible.

As a bonus tip, avoid upgrading the suspension first because the first race will immediately reward you with an upgraded kit.

Pay Attention to Your Drivers

The second-biggest contributor to the success of your gameplay (aside from the cars themselves) is your drivers. Drivers and their unique settings can make or break your career. So ensure that your drivers and their cars settings are maximized in a race.

Be aware that some drivers have short-term contracts, so pay attention to their contracts and stats to maximize and capitalize on that driver’s skillset.

By following these simple yet amazing tips – you can quickly become an F1 Manager 2022 master!

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