Crash Match – Free Puzzle Car Matching Game Launching Soon

An Assam ( India ) based game developing company Fofatt is on their way to launch a puzzle matching gamed called ‘Crash Match’ soon. Crash Match is a free to play puzzle matching game with unique game play concept themed around Kaziranga.

Crash Match is a browser-based social freemium game where a player gains points and rewards by matching the cars of the same type. The testing version of Crash Match is now available for smart phones (Android, iOS, Windows etc.), releasing subsequently on tablets, computers and Facebook.

The play area is the highway passing through Kaziranga and the mascot of the game is Sukaphaa, a little one-horned rhino. The characters of the game are a few cars and Sukaphaa. The cars are a nuisance, they are basically bullies who fight and try to overtake each other by speeding on the highway. They represent the ill, odds and inhuman activities such as poaching, cruelty against animals etc. that are prevailing. The little rhino feels that it is his responsibility to protect his animal kingdom and keep those ludicrous cars at bay.

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Crash Match is a free to play game and we plan to release premium features such as extra lives to increase playing time and special powers for an enhanced gaming experience. Fofatt will also organize Crash Match Real Cash Tournaments where players can participate by paying a small joining fee. Winners will, be rewarded with real cash prizes.

Crash Match is now available for mobiles at:

Strategic play video:

Tutorial video:

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