Chood thanupp is a puzzle game which is based on an orìginal game once popular with keralites. For people who are not familiar with the game, here is a description of the original game of the past. Chood thanupp was an outdoor game and played by not less than two persons. One of them would hide an object, conventionally a safety pin anywhere in the given space, be it in sand, under a bush, even on leaves! The other person has to find the object, based on instructions given by the first person.

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When the player gets close to his target he/she is told “chood” ( hot ) and when he gets farther, he/she is told “thanupp” ( cold ). Further, when the person gets very near to the object, he hears “kodumchood” and if too far, he hears “kodumthanupp”. Well, that is about the real one. The game now no longer requires a field or a two people. This android game is a true replica of the real game. The objective of this game is to find a safety pin which is hidden inside a box, unlike a big field. You have to find the right box among a set of boxes in minimum number of moves. Just like the original game, you hear “chood” when you are near to the target and “thanupp” as you get far.

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“Kodumchood” for very near and “Kodumthanupp” for tok far Score is awarded on the basis of number of moves. The game is now available on android in a very small size. The beauty of the game lies in its simplicity. The way it has recreated the real game is remarkable, and people are going to feel the nostalgia.

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