If you are excited about knowing a map of all Power Armor locations, there is good news for everyone. Finally, fallout 4 fans all around the world have successfully made a map of all Power Armor locations.

Now you would be able to access a map while tracking down suits of Power Armor. Power armor in Fallout 4 needs no training at all to use as it did in New Vegas and Fallout 3 and it’s very unique in various other aspects as well.

There is a separate armor segment which is placed on a frame, as opposed to old suits that existed as holistic entities. The individual pieces of armor can be easily reclaimed from any deceased persons, however, the frame will not be recovered as the corpse will not be able to eject from the frame.

Also, all the characters regularly interact with the frame in the world for using the power armor and there is no need for equipping the power armor via the inventory for the users.

You can take the help of fusion cores as β€œfuel” to power for a few hours easily without any hassle. It is somewhat similar to use a few energy cells as a fuel source in Van Buren. After the draining of the fusion core, you can still walk in the armor but will be unable to use VATS later on.

All the helmets of Power armor have functional headlamps which are mainly used in the place of Pip-Boy lights which can be disabled at the time of wearing the armor for sure.

With the help of a new map, all the Fallout 4 players will have access to a map now and handy legend when they are ready to track down suits of Power Armor. It would be better for you to note that the key indicates a better chance for full high-end sets. It means that the X-01 set will be at the location, but how it will be completed always remains up to chance.

Power armor with several pieces of armor can be found through Appalachia. There will be only two or three of the six armor pieces to choose from. There are two types of spawn points, the first will spawn with Raider and another one will spawn with T-45 or T.60. All the armor pieces will be of the same type and level.

The power armor chassis spawns with a fusion core. Some nearby locations will have an extra fusion core and power armor station. The power armor can be easily matched and mixed and there is no advantage to a matched set. It would be very easy for the players to search for the armor pieces rather than finding the plans.

So, what are you waiting for? It is the best time to enjoy your power armor hunting by going through a new map. If you have exact knowledge about their location or map, then please comment and share it with us right now!

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