It is very rare these days for authors to write their novel on paper. Indeed, a computer is ideal for writers because it allows them to take care of the formatting and to have the text ready to be sent to the printing press.

Budding authors often wonder which computer to choose: it really depends on several criteria.

A tower or a laptop for writing?

The best computer for a writer is based on his lifestyle.

If the author is sedentary and it is his full-time job, he may consider purchasing a tower. A stationary computer will allow him more comfortable to work with a large screen, an ergonomic keyboard, and mouse, etc. This type of computer is more expensive to buy but often lasts longer over time.

On the contrary, if the writer needs to be able to work from anywhere (both from his office and from home, in a cafe or on public transport), it is better to opt for a laptop. He can take it everywhere with him and thus optimize his working time.

What characteristics should a writer’s Laptop have?

You can’t recommend a β€œperfect” make or model, but there are some common-sense rules in choosing which laptop to write a book on.

Criteria for choosing a laptop to write a book

The essential criteria for a writing computer


If you opt for a laptop computer, remember that you will often have to carry it: it is better if it does not weigh very heavy so as not to tire and hurt your back!


It depends on what you prefer. If reading comfort is important to you, take a computer with a large screen. A small computer is however very practical to be able to have work notes, a coffee.


You don’t have to spend a fortune on a computer. For a good value for money, plan between 400 and 700 dollars for a laptop and around 600 dollars for a good desktop computer.


Very important if you choose a laptop: its battery should have a life of about 6-7 hours. This will prevent you from having to constantly interrupt to plug it in. In addition, if it stays on for a long time, it should not heat up too much.

Here are some of the best laptops for content writers

A writing tablet, a good choice?

A tablet does not seem to be the best choice as a material for writing a book.

Tablet to write a book

You will feel comfortable writing a book from your tablet

However, some two-in-one tablets have a keyboard that can be detached from the screen.

In that case why not, but it will be more practical for taking notes or correcting a manuscript than for writing an entire book.

Once you have chosen your computer to write our book, you will have to choose a software to write on here.