Earlier it was the Thunderbolt 3 that made waves in the electronics circuit with it technological innovations and now it is the USB Type C connector in the market that has replaced the earlier versions of Thunderbolt used in the Mini Display Port adapters. It is creating an equal buzz in the circuit due to a couple of reasons. Previously it was only Apple that manufactured and incorporated Thunderbolt primarily due to the fact that HDMI and VGA were no longer available. That meant there was no real need to make the switch by other manufacturers, well, until now.

  • The most significant aspect of the usb c thunderbolt hub is that it is no more restricted to its former niche. With the use of the USB connector, Thunderbolt is now been seen in most of the notebooks and new ultra-books. Apart from that there has been a notable increase in the number of Thunderboltready products and Thunderboltcapable peripherals.
  • It also has amazing bandwidth to support daisy-chaining which is where the Thunderbolt outdoes even the most common and popular USB 3.0.

This has led to the big news regarding the USB Type C connector as well. Apparently, you may feel that on its own the USB Type C is simply another USB cable that is reversible and has the ability to deliver more power. Well, these are some of the useful features of it and are certainly not the only reasons to replace the USB Type A connector that was widely used till now with the Thunderbolt 3.

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The reasons to switch

There are lots of reasons to switch to this specific type of USB connector.

  • The most significant reason for making a switch to Thunderbolt Type C connecter is that it increases the adoption rates. In fact, not all types of USB ports will support a Thunderbolt 3 such as the mobile devices like smartphones and tablets that may use a different connector altogether.
  • Moreover, the Thunderbolt platform is available only on Intel processors and most of the mobile devices usually do not have Intel inside. That means, several USB Type C peripherals will not have the requisite Thunderbolt controllers included in it.
  • This port will enable your mobile device to work well even if you plug a USB Type C device into a Thunderbolt 3 port. This will support the Thunderbolt features. The desktops now come with one or two Thunderbolt 3 ports but most laptops include at least one of such port, though it may be a very lowpower variant.

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The reasons people are fond of such changes is that it can do a lot of things using just a single cable. You can connect displays and hard drives, or do anything that is little more outlandish. It can drive big displays to each monitor unless you daisy chain. It can speed up data transfers along with a speedy storage which will help you to edit videos. Therefore, if you are thinking of an upgrade The Thunderbolt Type C is one thing you should consider.

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