Cleaning and maintaining object is very important to the day to day life. Whether it is a household item, a personal thing, or even a gadget, cleaning is so important to use the same for a long time. Depending on the type of object, cleaning can be of different types. Some things, we can clean using some cloths or brushes, some others we are doing it using water and other liquid materials.

As time passes, technologies develop rapidly, making life easy with many innovative products. As a result, we can see the influence of technology in almost all areas. Similarly, in cleaning also, we can see the rise of many innovative products. This article discusses one such innovative cleaning product named Sonic Soak. As the name says, it is an ultrasonic socking device that can clean items automatically.


Sonic Soak – Ultrasonic Cleaning Device

Ultrasonic cleaning is a high-quality and precise cleaning that uses ultrasonic energy to clean the dirt and then a liquid solvent to wash away the residue and loosened particulate matter. Instead of using the vapor degreasing technique for pre-cleaning and final rinsing, this procedure utilizes the manual application of liquid solvents.

Sonic soak is one of the best cleansing tools that can be used to clean laundry, jewelry, and much other personal stuff. Therefore, it can be termed the most significant innovation in cleaning. You would be surprised to know that ultrasonic soak was the most funded in Japanese history, with over ¥117 million raised and $2.9 million raised on Indiegogo!

The cleaning tool uses ultrasonic technology to clean any carbon, grime, oil, rust, dirt, contaminants, etc. Mainly, the bubbles bang on the object’s surface you want to wash and clean. After which, any dirt will be dislodged and eliminated from the object’s surface. Now, you would be thinking if it consumes high energy or not. You would be surprised to know that the tool is more precise and consumes less power when compared to traditional washing machines.


The main goal of Sonic Soak is to empower every household with the chance to defend themselves against the spread of harmful bacteria, diseases, and viruses. The product uses the efficiencies of large industrial ultrasonic cleaners and is scaled down into a product that fits within the palm of your hand. Isn’t this amazing? It focuses on making the most powerful household cleaning tool ever.

What is the practical use of Sonic Soak?

After several years of study on this technology, the device was found to be effective in residential and institutional settings in the following ways:

  • It helps destroy bacteria and microbial contamination as it can threaten human health and present a huge concern to health professionals. Therefore, ultrasonic soaks are extremely helpful in removing these harmful organisms.
  • It also helps remove microscopic bacterial pathogens and cross-contamination commonly found on the items more involved in sewage. This tool is found to be very powerful while cleaning these surfaces.
  • It helps improve infection control in hospital areas by supplementing the site with effective cleaning procedures.

The device is not limited to any particular solvents or organic solvents. Still, it is also highly effective when used with aqueous solutions such as surfactants, detergents, and alkaline and acid cleaners. The only real limitations that the device has is that the cleaning fluid must not attack the cleaning equipment, fluids must not foam absurdly, and the fluids must deform adequately for cleaning.

Technology in Sonic Soak

Sonic Soak mainly works using ultrasonic, sonic technology. It generates modulated ultrasonic waves that travel through the water to clean any surface at the microscopic level. Traditional cleaning tools clean the object from the outer layer only. On the other hand, this ultrasonic tool cleans deep inside the coating and removes harmful things.

Like any soap or detergent, the main work of this device is to clean but with perfection. In simple terms, the ultrasonic soaks are designed for cleaning a wide variety of materials and are very effective at washing away any gunk that doesn’t belong there.

The device is made up of the latest chemical technology that is more environmentally friendly when compared to most industrial detergents. As a result, they provide unbeatable cleaning power.

Before developing the device, it was found that when the liquid surface tension was reduced and bubble cavitation increased, it led to more effective cleaning. Therefore, the same technology is used in ultrasonic devices to make them a more efficient cleaning device.

The Cleaning Mechanism

When the machine is switched on, the transducer in the device starts changing size almost instantly. Then the transducer starts converting the electrical energy supplied from power into ultrasonic energy. When the conversation takes place, the size of the transducer increases by a significant amount. Then it results in high-frequency compression sound waves, resulting in the rapid formation and collapse of cavitation bubbles.

As this process continues, the cavitation bubbles will grow larger. After reaching a specific size, it cannot retain its original shape. Then the bubbles stir through the liquid, turning it apart. These bubbles are the main reason for effectively cleaning germs, dirt, oil, pigments, etc. The same procedure happens when a portable ultrasound machine is out inside a sink.

The cleaning process uses cavitation bubbles induced by high-frequency pressure waves to agitate a liquid. The liquid agitation produces high forces on contaminants adhering to substrates like metals, plastics, glass, rubber, etc. This process also cleanses through any hole or crack.

Features Of Ultrasonic Soaks

Most hard materials, non-absorbent materials such as metals, plastics, etc., that are not chemically attacked by the cleaning fluid are suitable for ultrasonic cleaning. The perfect materials for ultrasonic cleaning include small electronic parts, cables, rods, wires, detailed items, and objects made of glass, plastic, aluminum, or ceramic.

The main feature of ultrasonic soaks is that it does not sterilize the cleaned objects. If it sterilizes the thing, spores and viruses will remain on the object even after cleaning. In medical applications, sterilization typically follows ultrasonic cleaning also in some cases.

In industries, these ultrasonic cleaners are used in the automotive, sporting, printing, marine, medical, pharmaceutical, electroplating, disk drive components, engineering, and weapons cleaning. In addition, it is often used to remove contamination from industrial process equipment such as pipes and heat exchangers present in factories.

Benefits of Sonic Soak

  • Sonic Soak is a small and easy-to-use cleaning gadget.
  • It doesn’t have any complicated operational procedures.
  • It is portable and can be taken to any place where you go.
  • It can be used to clean most household and personal items.
  • It requires only low power.
  • It is easy to maintain.


Although ultrasonic cleaners are highly effective in cleaning hard core objects, there are some limitations also. For example, some electronic components such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, and microphones can be damaged or destroyed when high vibrations occur while cleaning. Therefore, components like these can be an exception to Ultrasonic cleaners.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Soaks

  1. Time Savings: With Ultrasonic cleaners, people can save a lot. The cleaner emits up to 40 thousand sound pulses per second, and each pulse provides cleaning action as it gets in touch with the surface. With the help of high-frequency wave action, ultrasonic cleaners can remove dirt faster and better than other types of cleaners. Therefore, it hardly takes any time to clean when you have this cleaner.
  2. Gentle Cleaning: The cleaner not only cleans very fast, but it also cleans very perfectly. Ultrasonic cleaners remove contaminants without abrasion, harsh scrubbing, or high-pressure sprays. Therefore, it can also be used to clean delicate parts which often get rough after cleaning with detergents. This is why ultrasonic cleaners clean microchips, computer parts, plated parts, and irreplaceable family heirlooms.
  3. Versatile Contaminant Removal: Ultrasonic cleaners are beneficial in removing any dirt or oil from the surface. No other cleaners can provide this level of flexibility in cleaning.
  4. No Part Too Complex: For Ultrasonic cleaners, no part is too complex to clean. It can easily clean difficult parts of any surface that may seem impossible for other cleansers to clean. This happens because high-frequency waves penetrate all surfaces, even hidden passageways, narrow openings, crevices, cracks, and blind-drilled holes.
  5. Low Power Consumption: Not only is flexible cleaning, but this cleaner also consumes minimal power while cleaning.
  6. Reliable: The motor present in the cleaner is highly reliable compared to other cleaners.
  7. Thorough Cleaning: The pulse waves in an ultrasonic cleaner generate from several different angles. It also travels in different frequency values, washing the parts from every angle. This random frequency wave ensures to clean the entire surface neatly.
  8. Environmentally Friendly: The detergents used in ultrasonic cleaners are non-hazardous and environmentally friendly. The low power consumption also means it is more environmentally friendly.
  9. Mold and Bacteria Removal: As discussed above, the ultrasonic cleaner is also very effective in cleaning mold and bacteria surfaces.
  10. Wide Range of Sizes: Ultrasonic cleaners come in various sizes, ranging from fist-size machines to industrial-sized machines. It means that you can buy the size according to your use.

How to use Sonic Soak?

Using Sonic Sock is so simple, and that is also one main highlight of this device. There are not many complications, and anyone can operate it.

To use the Sonic Soak, First, you need to fill a bowl or tank with water depending on the size of the item required to be cleaned. Then put the thing inside the water.

Next, place the Sonic Soak device into the water and the item you wish to clean.

Then, you need to plug the Sonic Soak power adaptor into your power outlet.

Next, set the timer for the sonic soak and press the on button. Sonic Soak offers 4 preset times for cleaning. I.e., 120 seconds, 360 seconds, 720 seconds, and 900 seconds. You can set your preferred time as per your need. Press the SET button to change the timer.


Once the timer is set, click the ON button so that the Sonic Soak will start working. The device will begin emitting ultrasonic waves through water. Then you can clean the item thoroughly.

You can see the time left on the adaptor. Once the cleaning is over, you can turn it off and take the item from the water.



You can purchase the Sonic Soak at a discounted $149 from the official website using a credit card or via Paypal. If you buy using Sezzle, you can get the Sonic Soak with a 6-week interest-free payment. The entire amount will be split into six, and you can make the payment in 6 weeks.


Sonic Soak is a simple device that doesn’t need complex operations. It can be operated by anyone and can be carried easily. In addition, it is a portable cleaning gadget that can clean almost all items. So, if you are looking for a simple and powerful portable cleaning tool, Sonic Soak is a good option for you.

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