Samsung first released its Galaxy Fold model in 2019, and while it was highly anticipated, many users were not completely satisfied with the final product. So, fast forward to 2021, the company has released the latest versions of their foldable phones, the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3, and right from the start, there was a high demand for these models.

Samsung believes this popularity due to device-specific factors such as usability, durability, and online marketing campaigns. However, are there any other reasons behind the two smartphones’ popularity? Here is some information about these smartphones and why they are two of the best-selling releases of 2021.

Specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and the Galaxy Z Flip3


Before we look at why the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and the Galaxy Z Flip3 were so successful, let’s look at the specs of both models.

In the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, there is the Snapdragon 888 processing unit. The RAM for the Galaxy Z Fold3 is 12GB, while the storage space is offered 256GB and 512GB. For the external display of the phone, there is a 6.2-inch screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. Meanwhile, the internal display is a 7.6-inch screen, also with a 120Hz refresh rate.

On the Galaxy Z Fold3, you can find a triple-rear camera, one front camera, and an under-display camera. The megapixels for the cameras are 12MP for all the rear cameras, 10MP for the front camera, and 4MP for the under-display camera. In addition, the phone features a 4400mAh battery, which can last up to 8 hours in terms of battery.

In the Galaxy Z Flip3, you will also get a Snapdragon 888 CPU. As for memory, there will be 8GB of RAM and 128GB or 256GB worth of storage. On the phone, you will find a 1.9-inch touchscreen external display and a 6.7-inch internal display. The external display is small, but users can still use it for widget shortcuts and quick access to the camera.

Speaking of cameras, the phone features a dual-camera setup on the rear and one front camera. The rear cameras are both 12MP, while the front camera is 10MP. The battery for the Galaxy Z Flip3 is smaller than the Galaxy Z Fold3, at 3300mAh, but it can still have a few hours on a full charge.

The main highlight of the phones and their uses


When Samsung launched the Galaxy Fold3 and Galaxy Flip3 phones, the company made it a point to highlight the phones’ features and how these features can benefit the user. Rather than focusing on the phone’s specs, Samsung decided to show off the most noticeable features and their uses.

It is a known fact that both phones are foldable, and Samsung decided to market this as helpful for users because it allows the phone to sit upright on its own. This means that you can use the phone’s front camera for video calls and conference meetings without the need for a phone stand or a holder.

This feature is also helpful when the user wants to record themselves using the phone’s front camera. As advertised in one of Samsung’s many advertisements for the Galaxy Flip3, the foldable design is also helpful for making videos for social media. The user could easily record themselves without the need of a tripod, just by propping the phone up on a flat surface.

Samsung also advertised the foldable design to gamers, specifically those who are into mobile gaming. The mobile gaming industry grew exponentially in the year that the Galaxy Z Fold3 and the Galaxy Z Flip3 were released. Samsung took note of this and started to advertise the foldable phones as being great for gamers. The phones’ designs could allow for more viewing space, which is great for first-person shooter (FPS) games and role-playing games (RPG). Both phones also feature 120Hz refresh rates, which is also great for allowing smooth visuals for games.

The buyers of the phones


Like most other smartphones, there was no set target demographic for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3. They are phones for everyone, for every use. The phones would be great for individuals in business, the creative industry, and even for those who want to be fashionable.

Samsung has recently reported that the two phones have sold an accumulative total of one million units in South Korea alone. Furthermore, in their press release, the company has mentioned that the two major markets for the phones were female buyers and millennials.

Out of the two models, the Galaxy Z Flip3 proved to be the more popular one, taking up 70% of the total sales. This is mainly because Samsung has marketed the Galaxy Z Flip3 to be a lifestyle product, and the phone is the more affordable model.

The Galaxy Z Flip3 is also popular amongst the youth because of its design. Compared to the Galaxy Z Fold3, the Galaxy Z Flip3 boasts a more youthful appeal, with a smaller size and pastel color options. However, the phone’s design is also reminiscent of an old-school flip phone, which is rather popular amongst the youth.


Samsung has always been successful with their phones products and there could be many reasons why the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and the Galaxy Z Flip3 are successful. One thing worth noting was that Samsung has reported that the demand for the models was much higher than anticipated. While there may not be a specific reason why the models were doing so well, it does seem that the trend will not decline so soon.

Photo Source: Samsung