Are you thinking of building your first Computer? Do you wish to make the most powerful gaming computer? If yes, then you have landed in the right place. Microcenter helps you to build Custom PC.

Microcenter and its uses (Custom PC Build Services)

Micro Center is a computer retail store based in America. Micro Center intends to provide you with completely up-to-date information on technological solutions based on recent improvements in hardware.

Today, business and schools tend to shift from remote work patterns to work from home or virtual learning. Hence, Microcenter supplies essential requirements of computers, networking, and other virtual working equipment.

Microcenter helps you in developing a custom PC with advanced networking capabilities to meet your business requirements.

Microcenter provides all the necessary parts to build a computer.

Microcenter supplies every component required to build your custom PC, such as a super gaming rig, simple business server, expansion and controller parts, video editing workstation, motherboard build-up, computer memory, etc.

Furthermore, an ideal Microcenter helps you choose the necessary components to build the best custom PC with various choices along with a skilled professional. Your dream to have a perfect computer system gets fulfilled by a Microcenter.

With Microcenter Custom PC builder service, you can research and pick PC parts amongst various components. Once you select the Custom PC parts, you can create a gaming PC with streaming facilities. You might also use the custom PC as a machine suitable for your business requirements.

Steps in Microcenter Custom PC build-up

  • The first step in building a custom PC is selecting all the essential parts necessary for a complete computer system. These parts include the motherboard, processor, memory card, video card, hard drive, power supply, and model case.
  • Once you choose the right components, Microcenter Service will assist you in providing all the PC parts necessary to build your custom PC.
  • Make a note that the build tier in Microcenter does not entertain you with Windows installation. Anyways, you can buy the same later on if required.

Custom PC Build Process

  • The first step in building a Custom PC is preparing and verifying all the selected parts as Genuine. This step is necessary to ensure the durability and compatibility of PC’s parts are in excellent condition.
  • In the next step, Microcenter evaluates or estimates the custom PC components and starts building and installing the parts together.
  • Once the parts are arranged, Microcenter installs CPU, RAM, and video card to the board.
  • At this stage, the second round of tests are carried out to check the power supply outside the case.
  • Once the test is verified, the Microcenter service carries out the power supply installation.
  • You need not worry about the cable or wiring as these factors are also cross-verified.
  • For the cooling system in a custom PC, Microcenter will help you with appropriate hardware mounting.
  • Furthermore, the board is installed with the case to ensure its safety.
  • The backplate of the case lining is also verified. This step ensures confirmation of loose wiring and its safety.
  • Any additional PC fans are properly installed and arranged for the best airflow. This step enables the cool and smooth functioning of all components of the Custom PC builder.
  • The board of Custom PC is combined into the case with the help of screws and posts. Finally, the power cables are connected to the motherboard.

Your Custom PC is ready for use! Once you are in Microcenter, you need not worry about any technical issues as Microcenter will assist you at every step without spending a lot of money.

You must take note that Microcenter offers the customers the Custom PC Builder tool. This tool helps to filter out the Custom PC builder parts in an automated style. The Custom PC Builder tool is highly helpful in testing the compatibility of the developed Custom PC.

Microcenter is responsible for answering the following questions related to Custom PC

If you do not have any basic knowledge of building a Custom PC, you need not worry. It is not an easy task to build a custom pc. You can remain patient, and the Microcenter will take care of your Computer.

How do you figure out which parts are necessary for building your custom PC?

Microcenter offers you a helpful guide on choosing your PC parts. This guide includes all the essential components required to build a PC.

Moreover, the Microcenter helps you purchase the right components based on CPU and GPU type and model.

Can you share your Custom PC builds online and receive helpful feedback?

0bviously yes! Picking up PC parts and sharing them online will help the customers with a ton of helpful feedback. So, you can choose the right PC parts, save them, followed by sharing them on the Help forums available in every Micro Centre Community to get previous customer’s feedback.

Does someone at Micro Center give you advice on picking custom PC parts?

Microcenter sales associate guides you with building the custom PC with the right components. These associates have unmatchable experience building up thousands of custom PCs for business, home, video production, streaming, or gaming. Hence, you need not worry about building the Custom PC or need no prior experience.

What is the solution to this issue – Missing the Custom PC Builder part selected by a customer?

In Micro Center, you will be offered an online tool check. This is mainly available at any local store. You can check the missing product on this online tool. Most of them will get the product through the local store; if not, it might be out of stock.


Now, you very well know the process of Microcenter in building Custom PC. With the help of the Microcenter, you can set up and build your Custom PC in a hassle-free manner. All in all, Microcenter helps you save your time and effort in building the Custom PC.

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