How interesting if you could take your monitor while on your trip? Ever thought that you could take your 4K monitor on the go? Yes, it is possible, and you can easily carry your monitor screen wherever you go. In this article, we are looking at such a monitorβ€”the portable touch screen 4K monitor from Desklab.


The most lightweight, portable touchscreen monitor ever has a comprehensive range of productivity and entertainment features. You may fully customize it to be anything else you require in addition to your 4K screen, dongles, charger, and speakers. Take everything out of your backpack or briefcase. You only need this monitor, period.

Desklab is a company that only concentrates on one item, a Touchscreen Portable Monitor. The business also sells several supplemental items for the screen. There are a few specialized businesses that sell portable monitors. The majority go up to 4K and requires more power than most host devices can deliver on their own. However, Desklab lists the screens at a very reasonable price. The touchscreen monitor is undoubtedly less expensive than other displays.

Uses and Functioning of the Desklab 4K Touchscreen Monitor

  • Desklab 4K Touchscreen Monitor is a fantastic device with a stunning 4K/2160p resolution Desklab Ultralight 4K Touchscreen Monitor. It has a genuine LED backlight and is quite bright.
  • Additionally, you can plug it in and start using it. One can use it without requiring to endure time-consuming procedures.
  • This touchscreen monitor is compatible with all cables, operating systems, applications, and gadgets, thanks to its universal compatibility.
  • The Desklab includes low blue light, anti-glare, and flicker-free technology to save your eyes. This feature makes a significant contribution to your comfort while using it.
  • Additionally, you may effortlessly move anywhere with this tiny portable device. It is 15.6 inches long, 6mm thick, portable, slim, and lightweight.
  • The demand proves that it offers one of the greatest performances. In addition, many people work remotely, increasing demand for the Desklab Ultralight 4K Touchscreen Monitor.
  • This device enables you to access the monitor interface you might require but can’t obtain from your phone. So you may work in peace and efficiency without worrying about clumsy thumbs, autocorrect, or your mobile device.
  • Additionally, this excellent portable monitor features a twin speaker sound system and an incredible 4K picture. Because of this, it’s the ideal tool for teamwork, wowing colleagues in meetings, or just having fun on your own.

Easy to Use

Desklab 4K Touchscreen Monitor is not only loaded with fantastic specifications and capabilities, but it’s also wonderfully simple to use. First, it is only 6mm thin, so buyers can quickly stow it away in the camera bag when on the road. When they need to complete tasks while traveling, having a monitor with such a large screen yet so portable is a godsend. Additionally, this monitor is relatively simple compared to some equipment and accessories, making working on the go more challenging.


To begin with, this monitor requires no setup because it is plug-and-play. You may start rocking as soon as you attach the necessary attachments. Secondly, the touchscreen’s performance is also unmatched. Whether touching, pinching, zooming, spinning, scrolling, or dragging, it is found that it is incredibly responsive. Finally, this display is entirely compatible with various stylus alternatives if you prefer using one.

On-screen Display Menu

Six menu options are available while navigating through the On-Screen Display: Picture, Color, Audio, Other, Input, and OSD Settings. Users can move the scroll wheel either down or up. In addition, it will let you enter any sub-menu options if you press down on them. Along with the standard Brightness, Contrast, and Sharpness options found under the Picture menu, this menu now includes ECO and DCR options.

The modes for ECO include Standard, Game, Movie, Photo Vivid, and User. Out of all the ways, Game delivers the best results right away while increasing the screen’s much-needed brightness. Dynamic Contrast Ratio, or DCR for short, is a feature that, when activated, is supposed to give you more rich colors.

You have a delightfully large selection of adjustment choices in the Color menu, and the screen is initially set to 6500K color temperature. The screen’s colors are a little on the warm side out of the box, so having the option to adjust them somewhat to the more fabulous end is excellent.

The Low Blue entry is a great addition that, when activated, subtly decreases the blue light from the screen, making it safer for the eyes. The only features in the Audio category are speaker muting and volume control.

A Problem Solver in Pandemic

People have enjoyed working from home for a very long time. However, working from home was a novel concept that quickly proved indispensable for many other people as the pandemic spread. For those who weren’t familiar, this meant a wild dash to equip their home office, if they even had one, with the equipment they required to operate productively from home.

Working on the road is an option now that some people in some parts of the world may travel. A high-quality, readily portable monitor can make all the difference in the world, whether working from home or on the go. The Desklab 4K Touchscreen Monitor proved to be a helpful tool.


Desklab Ultralight Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor as the Versatility is the key

This monitor is compact, lightweight, and simple to operate. Furthermore, Desklab has expertly combined functionality, adaptability, and mobility in this monitor, while other portable displays trade one for the other in the name of portability. When using this display, you are not sacrificing any productivity.

It is easy to set up, works with various gadgets, and responds as early as possible whether you use your fingers or a stylus to interact with the screen. Use it as a second screen, a bigger screen for video conferences, to edit images, to catch up on emails or invoices, or for anything else you may think.

You will be able to complete your task and do it in a more organized setting without the need for a lot of extra dongles or cords. There is nothing one can dislike about the Desklab 4K Touchscreen Monitor. I think this monitor would be a terrific addition to your workflow, as it has been to many.

Desklab 4K Monitor Pros

  • Bright and crystal clear screen to watch contents as well as for productivity.
  • Easy to carry while traveling.
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, iPad, etc.
  • It can be used as a touch screen for compatible models.
  • It can be used as a screen to watch content using Fire TV, Android Box, etc.
  • All the essential ports, including Mini HDMI, Type-C, Micro USB, etc.
  • desklab-monitor-ports

  • It can be used as a mini PC using Samsung DEX if you use a compatible handset.
  • It can be used as a gaming monitor where ever you go.

Desklab 4K Monitor Cons

  • The monitor cover/stand is not shipped; you must purchase it separately. Therefore, finding a compatible stand/cover in the local market may be challenging.
  • The menu Wheel on the screen is not good; you may find it difficult, and it can cause pain while rotating and clicking the wheel. Better to use them as buttons.
  • desklab-monitor-power-button

  • Type-C connectivity with Mac-mini was not working, and you need to use an HDMI cable.
  • HDMI port should be used in place of the Mini HDMI port, as it was the universally used standard. With Desklab, you should purchase an HDMI Female to Mini HDMI adapter to connect with devices like Fire TV stick, Android Stick, etc., where the device itself has HDMI Male PIN.
  • Touch Screen work only if you are connected via Type-C cable. Hence touch will work only on windows laptops/desktops with Type-C connectivity.

Advice with a Practical Experience

The Desklab 4K Touchscreen Monitor is compatible with the different Chromebook versions I have, as well as PCs and Macs. I could utilize the Desklab portable as a touchscreen monitor when connected to a PC and modern Chromebooks. Not so when connected to one old, underpowered Chromebook and a Mac. My iPad was also compatible with the Desklab 4K Touchscreen Monitor.

The sort of connection the computer has and the components of the computer both affect whether a touch screen is available. It replicated every computing job I regularly do on my primary business laptop while connected to a second desktop monitor. A full-size keyboard and mouse are also provided with that arrangement via a docking station.

All of that productivity was made possible while on the go without the docking station and other equipment, thanks to the Desklab 4K Touchscreen Monitor.


Also, Desklab 4K Touchscreen Monitor is one of the most incredible gaming monitors available if you enjoy playing video games. Additionally, it is gaming-optimized. Compatible devices include Switch, Xbox 1, Xbox X, PS4, PS5, and more. The response time of this device makes up for any lag. Playing videos on this monitor is fun, thanks to its superior brightness compared to other displays.

Inside the Box

You are getting the monitor, a power adapted, one HDMI to Mini HDMI Cable, One Type-C to Type-C cable, and the user manual in the box.


Is it advisable to purchase the Desklab Ultralight Portable 4K monitor?

Due to the touchscreen capabilities, the Desklab Ultralight Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor will always be more advantageous for PC users. When the monitor first went on sale, it cost USD 700, and an iPad is more cost-effective in any cost-to-feature comparison. It frequently costs less than USD 300 and retails no more than USD 399.

However, the kickstand costs an additional USD 50. The Desklab’s substantially larger screen becomes highly alluring when the cost is this low, whereas an iPad starts at USD 329. The Desklab Ultralight Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor is especially recommended given its 400 nits of brightness. Many portable displays of this size exist, some of which have touchscreens, although they are typically either substantially brighter or significantly more expensive.

Bottom Line

There are numerous niche brands and several more well-known alternatives in the congested portable screen industry. However, the majority obtain their goods from the same or a very related source. Therefore there is little distinction aside from pricing and accessories. With a cover, 1080p models cost about USD 120-150, while 4K models start at about USD 250 and come with a cover and even VESA mounting holes.

Although the Desklab 4K Touchscreen Portable Monitor costs USD 449 – a significant USD 200 premium with the optional cover, it does come with a separate power supply and all the cords. With a front made entirely of glass, it is very solidly constructed and provides an image that is clear and brilliant.

Additionally, the accompanying power brick enables passthrough charging for your mobile device through USB-C, and the built-in speakers are surprisingly practical. However, given the cost, it will be tough to compete with the plethora of niche brand products already on the market, most of which are also easily accessible via marketplace vendors. Still, Desklab 4K Touchscreen Monitor has its benefits and is the best option for someone requiring a monitor.