As technology advances and becomes more affordable, tech is increasingly integrated into cars. Here are five cool types of auto tech you might be interested in investing in.


Most new vehicles today have a media unit that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These allow you to connect your iPhone or Android phone to the media unit, giving you access to many apps, including music and calling.

Suppose you don’t have one of these newer vehicles and aren’t planning to trade in your car anytime soon. In that case, you can install your own touchscreen entertainment console. Some of the best ones on the market include


As much as most people think they don’t need it, a dash camera is essential. If you get into a collision and the other person is at fault, it’s crucial to have video proof to back up your word. Without witnesses, even the most likable person you exchange insurance information with can turn around and say you were entirely at fault. However, that point never permits you to exclude insurance for your car. You should always go and have the best cheap insurance coverage for your vehicle at cic.

There are plenty of dash cameras on the market, but at minimum, you’ll want to look for one with front and rear cameras, looping capabilities, and an automatic night-mode setting. The best-selling dash cams include

  • Thinkware F800 PRO Full HD 1080P Dashcam
  • Kenwood DRV-410 Dash Camera With Collision Warning
  • Garmin 56 1440p HD Dash Cam with 2″ LCD Screen


As cool as it is, the self-driving Google car still has a ways to go. Driving lessons will be a requirement for years to come. Although your GPS can be broadcasted from your phone to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, the newest GPS devices are still worth a look.

  • Garmin 010-01682-02 Drive Assist 51 NA LMT-S – This GPS has a built-in dash cam and collision warning, making it a multipurpose device.
  • TomTom GO 520 5-Inch GPS Navigator – This is the GPS for you if you go on road trips out of the country. Maps worldwide come free with this, and you can download them for offline use. It also comes with Wi-Fi and messaging.
  • TomTom 1GF0.047.00 Rider 550 Motorcycle GPS Navigation Device – Motorcycles don’t come with those fancy media units in new cars, but this compact GPS offers many of the same features.

Features to make your motorcycle your main ride

Motorcycles haven’t traditionally been seen as the most practical mode of transportation, but new technology is changing that. In addition to installing a navigation device, a BMW motorcycle windshield can be installed for improved visibility. Add on a wireless charger, and you have all the comforts you would in a car.

Night driving

Undoubtedly, adverse weather conditions can make driving dangerous, no matter how careful you are. Night driving also presents a risk, even with anti-glare glasses.

You can fix these issues entirely with the Lanmodo Vast Pro. Advertised as the ultimate night vision system, the Lanmodo Vast Pro is a front and back camera device that corrects conditions like fog, rain, and low light. A large screen connected to the cameras is installed on your device, allowing you to see the road when looking out the windshield just isn’t doing the trick.

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